“I stopped seeing him”: fury and commotion over what Andrea Politti did on Carina Zampini’s program

Carina Zampini had to be absent for a few days from his program «The Grand Prize of the Kitchen» because he recently tested positive for coronavirus. Instead, the authorities of The thirteen momentarily hired Andrea Politti, who was in charge of taking the reins of the cycle. However, reality fans were not very satisfied with Politti’s performance, as they celebrated by heaven and earth when Carina announced that she was going to return to her program today.

Hello! I tell you that I have already discharged, tomorrow I return to the ring, luckily I went through it without symptoms. Thank you for always being, for the love and pampering these days !!! I love them !!!! “, said Carina Zampini, giving the great news to her fans. In this way, the host of El Trece made it clear that she is in good health and that she will return to her program in the next few hours. Carina tested positive for coronavirus after the other driver Juan Marconi.

As expected, the networks were filled with comments of messages that praised Zampini and harshly questioned Politti. What good news Carina, I stopped watching the show. Without you it is not the same and the competitors are all infumable »; “What a joy to read all that”; “I’m very glad you’re back, it’s not the same without you”; and “I am very happy to know that tomorrow you return to the program of the Grand Prix of the kitchen”; were some of the beautiful messages he received.

Curiously, the panelist for “Confrontados” Gustavo Mendez recently announced that Carina would be very angry with El Trece. «Carina Zampini is VERY ANGRY with Channel 13 and the production of #GPCocina because she didn’t want a replacement. Zampini wanted them to put the recorded programs. So angry is Zampini that she emphatically asked that Andrea Politti not use the services of her hairdresser and makeup artist. The dressing room was another controversial issue, “said the journalist.

“Some commented that the possibility of setting up a dressing room for Politti inside the studio was considered. Incredible. She is also upset with Marconi as well as several technicians and producers of the program, “added Mendez, who gave explosive details of the relationship that the host would have with the channel’s authorities. It should be noted that Carina missed the first shows of the tenth season of the famous cooking reality series due to Covid-19.

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