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I think I figured out why sometimes you want to leave iOS for Android

For several weeks now I have been reading the materials of my colleagues about the Google Pixel 6, I regularly see various cases for this smartphone on the AliExpress main page and various reviews in recommendations on YouTube – they talk about the new product from almost everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if I once again come to my granny, and she tells me about the Google Pixel. If we abstract from Google’s novelty, then I think that every iPhone owner at least once had an obsessive thought to try Android smartphone… Much has already been said about why people are leaving from one OS to another. But there are few stories about why such a thought appears in the moment, but then disappears.

Sometimes you want to switch to Android, because iOS already got it

How to split screen on iPhone

Years go by, iOS is changing, the chips in the iPhone are changing, but in this dynamic world there is still one island of stability – this is the absence Split View в iPhone… You will see: in a couple of years there will be a huge iPhone 14 Pro Max with an even larger screen size, and you still won’t be able to use two applications. Well, why do you need to flip through Twitter and read our Telegram chat at the same time?

Dear friend, please focus on one social network, and picture-in-picture will help you – see Kinopoisk or whatever you are watching at this time. Split View is included in iPad. By the way, here’s contextual advertising in your browser: just in case, you suddenly think about it – today from 30,990 rubles. No iPad needed – upgrade to Android. Tim Cook explained who should switch to Android – time to act.

Split View will not appear on iPhone, probably never

It may seem that I am whining, but during my work at AppleInsider.ru I began to spend more time with the iPhone: you will not believe it, but I want to work even on weekends. And I’m tired of poking the “Home” button back and forth. Split View Is a cool thing that is missing. But from time to time a thought appears buy an iPadbut I definitely won’t.

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6 причин не покупать iPhone с большим экраном

What to do if an application is stuck on an iPhone

Remember when I told you about my friend Alexandra, who switched from Xiaomi to the iPhone 12 Pro? You know, she is happy with everything and does not regret anything. Occasionally she asks for help to solve a simple problem. The other day, her Telegram began to freeze – voice messages were recorded for 3-4 seconds. What have we done? Right! Just rebooted iPhone – the problem disappeared by itself.

Restarting the iPhone resolves all problems. Too easy

That’s how you look and think: well, it’s too simple. Sometimes I want to tinker with the problematic application as with the grandfather “Volga”. iOS в iPhone – like an obedient predictable girl who never swears with you and everything is clear and understandable with her. It gets boring and lacks dynamics in the relationship, as a result of which you look out of the corner of your eye at problem Android.

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What to buy instead of an iPhone

Not only a pandemic is walking around the world, but also a shortage of electronics, which has reached our country. My friend was interested in what kind of iPhone to buy as a gift, but for some reason the answer about the lack of Apple technology did not suit her: I want to buy it. But you can’t buy! Moreover, when December is on the nose – the time of shopping for the New Year. But you will definitely buy a Samsung Galaxy or something like that.

New from Google – in my opinion, a good replacement for the iPhone

There are clearly more such smartphones than iPhones. But I have not heard for a long time that they were going to the holiday buy android smartphone as a gift, not an iPhone. Apple smartphones Is a real currency, a universal gift for all occasions. But I want to do it differently and give myself something on Android. Dissuade me …

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Подпишитесь на наш Яндекс.Дзен - сейчас лучшее время, чтобы это сделать!

Why Android is better than iOS

Android 12 has a lot of changes: there is something to surprise yourself with

Remember those glorious days when buying an iPhone was a real dream, an attempt to stand out and be different? Even buying a new iPhone was some kind of happiness, and now it does not bring the former pleasure. Buy an iPhone in 2021 – the norm, you no longer treat this as something special. Even in spite of its cost. Why be surprised when everyone is surrounded by iPhones? Stand out from the crowd by purchasing Android smartphone, Not sure it’s going to happen. But it’s nice to start using a smartphone with a different OS in order to slightly dilute the dull monotony around.

6 вопросов об iPhone, на которые мы никогда не получим ответов

You know, the main reason why I would like to leave for Android (okay, at least give it a try) is boredom. Everything is too good in the iPhone, everything is smooth and, most importantly, nothing changes. iOS 15 doesn’t even work well on top-of-the-line devices, but have you seen Android 12? In this OS it is interesting to dig deeper and compare with other versions. Will I buy a new Google Pixel? I do not know, maybe. But the obsessive thoughts that it’s time to buy an Android smartphone are growing almost every day.

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