“I think of him every day” – Isabelle Pagé

This year, Jean Pagé is not with us for Prostate Cancer Awareness Day.

But despite his passing, Mr. Pagé continues to live through the people he touched during his life, including his daughter Isabelle, who was on the set of the Dave Morissette show live Thursday night.

“This is the first year that dad is not here,” said the one who took over from the father, who was an emeritus ambassador of the Nœudvembre campaign launched by PROCURE. Last year he was still there. He saw the Prime Minister last year wearing the bow tie at a press conference and he was so proud because that is what he wanted.

“He wanted the bow tie to be associated with cancer and make a reminder; a little light that lights up in men’s heads. ”

Isabelle Pagé thinks a lot about her dad these days.

“Every day, without exception,” she said. There, I confess that I stopped imagining that he was going to call me, because that’s what I miss the most. His voice. Her vibrant voice. And I know that I am not alone. Because when people talk to me about him, they often tell me how much his voice marked them.

“There are people my age who tell me, ‘I fell asleep with your father’s voice.'”

The voice of Jean, it is now Isabelle who carries it in the fight against prostate cancer. And before his death, she made sure to get his blessing.

“It was important for me to know that it was okay with him that I continue [là où il a laissé], she explained. I said to him, “Daddy we need to talk to each other. What I’m doing, is that correct? Is that what you want?” And he said, “Yeah, keep going, you’re doing a great job and it’s beautiful what you’re doing.” So we continue and I’m not alone.

“The entire PROCURE team is here. You are there to wear the knot. We do it for you, I do it for my boys. I do it for my spouse. Twelve men a day are diagnosed, that’s no small amount. So he wanted us to break down taboos, we will continue. And, one day, my kids will talk about prostate cancer without shame and without embarrassment. ”

In the video above, see the full interview granted by Isabelle Pagé as well as tributes paid by Michel Beaudry, Bertrand Godin and Michel Bergeron.


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