“I wanted Callejon. We don’t play 3-5-2. Amrabat? He wants to be a director”

The championship is back after the national team break. Sunday at 15 in Cesena la Fiorentina, fresh from the internal knockout against Sampdoria, will face the newly promoted Spice, defeated at San Siro by Milan two weeks ago. The purple technician Giuseppe Iachini spoke thus at the press conference:

Callejon and the 3-5-2? I wanted Josè, the company satisfied me when Chiesa left. He has important skills and experience. I talked to him, even on the phone, to try to convince him to marry the Fiorentina project. The boy was very impressed with the interview. Tactically we do not play with 3-5-2. In the development of the action we slip to four. Today the fixed game systems are no longer there because you are more readable by the opponents. We raise the outside players a lot to play four back. Nothing changes on José’s part. Even in the middle of the field we don’t always play three, but two, with Bonaventura going to play the attacking midfielder. In possession phase we play with 4-2-3-1, we want to bring as many players as possible into the opposing half of the field in possession phase. Against Sampdoria we shot twenty times on goals, but we did something wrong. We are working on the new balances that we will have to develop in the next games. Now we have to get the new ones inserted and try to work together to carry out our project. I am convinced that we can entertain the fans.

Seventh mount of wages? It is not certain that if you spend ten, you will have the same effectiveness to immediately obtain results adequate to the expense. We must work to give satisfaction to the square in Florence, I am confident.

How’s the team doing? Pezzella, Ribery and Castrovilli are called up, we have the finishing touches tomorrow. Borja is still not in place, we will have to wait a little longer for him. He had a problem in Milan.

Market? I’m happy with my boys. I am convinced that we can take away a lot of satisfaction, we have to work, I don’t have a magic wand. Now let’s work on our knowledge and the value of my players. I hope they are well after their away games with the national teams.

Fiorentina without a Church? First of all, I take responsibility. I didn’t think the fuss about the captain’s armband against Sampdoria would break out, but giving it to him was not a mistake. He was deputy captain in Milan, I couldn’t know about the sale, I didn’t have the glass ball. I followed a practice. I am sorry that there was this misunderstanding and that he went away because he was at the top physically. Now it is not important to talk about who is not there. We must bring those present to an optimal condition so as not to regret those who have gone away.

Non-arrival of the director? We had thought of Badelj’s replacement to form a group of 18-19 owners. Amrabat wants to play in front of the defense. In fact, he holds that role in the national team. Then we thought of Bonaventura and Borja Valero to increase the quality of the team. We also thought about giving balance, a bit like Lucas Leiva does in Lazio.

The attacker? The opportunity did not arise, but I always said that the three strikers (Vlahovic, Kouamé, Cutrone, ed) would stay here. Caputo, to give an example, has not always been in Serie A, he has established himself a few years ago. We would have liked to have another player up front if the opportunity presented itself, but it didn’t happen. If the three youngsters explode in our hands, they can become Fiorentina’s future.

Spice it? It is the most difficult game of now. On an unconscious level, in the past games, the preparation was not optimal given the open market. Now the boys have trained thinking only of Fiorentina. Spezia has fast players. He won in Udine and was in the game against Milan until the 70th minute. There is no mattress team in Serie A. They have the enthusiasm of promotion. We will have to be careful because the pitfalls are around the corner. Spezia has been training for two weeks thinking only of the match against Fiorentina.

Pezzella? I have never doubted his seriousness and his ability to affect the Fiorentina shirt. He didn’t play because of the pain in his foot and was in pain like crazy. We were sorry to keep it out. He is the captain and an important defense guide.

If the captain’s armband remains in Pezzella in the light of Pradè’s words? Yes, we don’t create cases in our own home. I have not fully known the market events. I judge him for what he does on the pitch and he is always fully concentrated there. Stay as captain as you always have been. German will stay here.

Do I feel under scrutiny? After the match against Sampdoria I said that we had played a good half hour, but that we had taken a step backwards compared to Milan. There have always been rumors about me, but I think about working on the pitch. I am tied to Fiorentina professionally and humanly. I go ahead with peace of mind, the team must remain calm, must not feel excessive pressure.

The attackers? Up to now he has always played Kouamé because he was better than the others. With a little more luck he could have scored three goals. I will have to check from time to time.

Thumb? He has survived the virus. There are protocols to follow. He’s better, but he’s not the guy we know yet. He still has to train to grow, but we don’t have to do any damage.

If Chiesa called me after I left? Yes, he thanked and greeted his comrades. In the last period he was physically fine.

Commisso? He is always on the pitch, he gives strength to the club and the team. He always has words of encouragement. We tell each other things with no frills.

Martinez Wednesday? It will be summoned. We watched videos of him. It has interesting features. I saw him a day and a half, let’s give him time to work, but he already shows something. There is material that can be worked on.

Barreca? We wanted it because it showed some interesting features. But like his other companions, it will take weeks to regain optimal conditions. Come with us to Cesena, then we’ll see.

Agudelo? It arrived at the end of the winter market and then the Covid pandemic began. We wanted to work on it, but we didn’t get to do it. Then taking Callejon, which I would also play in goal, would have had a lot of space.

If Callejon will be able to play? I’ll have to evaluate his parameters, then I’ll talk to the boy. We must not be in a hurry with the risk of doing damage.

The team game? Last year we had a different goal, this year we have a different attitude. We need to improve in the maneuver, but only to realize what we create. The intention is to play a purposeful game.

If there is a Miguel Veloso in an Amrabat perspective? We must find it in Bonaventura, in Castrovilli and beyond. Sofyan wants to play as a director. At Verona he was used to playing men. If I ask him to mark a man, I have to ask the others as well. The opponents have to adapt to us, not the other way around. He has room for growth, he is playing like in the national team. I think he can become a great equalizer for our team ”.

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