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“I went up behind and touched my bra.” Details of the story about a Perm teacher who was given 9 years for harassing a student

– It is difficult to build forecasts, but I believe in the best. I feel sorry for mom, she is very worried, it has been going on for more than a year, – said “KP» 49-year-old math teacher Valery Syropyatov and, with a sigh, he entered the courtroom.

On Monday in the Ordzhonikidze court Perm the teacher was sentenced under the article “Violent acts of a sexual nature”. The sentence is 9 years and 6 months in a maximum security colony.

“The girl begged the three”

This ugly story happened in March last year in a Perm school. According to the teacher, she looked like this:

– In the seventh grade, where the girl studied, I taught mathematics for the first year. In the first quarter, she deceived me, I believed and put the “troika”. But there must be an educational moment. I told her that now she will hand over all the work in the sequence in which they are studied. And until we get to the control for the third quarter, the final mark at her will not be!

On that day, March 27, several students came to the mathematician to take the “tails”.

“Everyone sat at their desks and did the work, and once again she decided to slip away,” the teacher continues. – I began to ask myself, said that her stomach ached, her head … I insisted: “Decide the control, get your” threefold “and you can step on all four sides. If it’s inconvenient for you to study in the classroom – the children are noisy – let’s go to another office. ” We left, she stood at the table and again began to whine. I sit at the table and tell her: “Go, decide!” The man does not leave, I waved. I am sitting, she is standing – where will i get? Here in the belt on the side with the back of the hand and hit. It turned out cotton. I admitted this, and was removed by the director from teaching in this class. I apologized and believed that the incident had been exhausted.

Soon, the information got into law enforcement. First, criminal proceedings were instituted for Art. Art. 135 of the Criminal Code RF “Depraved actions”, and after six months the investigations were re-qualified as more serious, Art. 132 “Violent acts of a sexual nature.”

At each meeting, teachers supported

To the court – at each hearing in the Valery case Syropyatova – a support group gathered: former graduates, colleagues, parents of students … 17 of them acted as witnesses from the defense. They all said that they could not believe the guilt of their beloved teacher. He does not smoke, does sports, organizes excursions around the Perm Territory and cities for children Of Russiaorganizes competitions in rogain, tourist trips, alloys, fees …

Despite all the kind words spoken to the defendant, the state prosecution requested 13 years of imprisonment for him.

Valery Syropyatov on the day the sentence was announced, we met near the courthouse. He was light, without things. As the teacher himself explained, he believed that the court would figure it out and justify it.

“I’ve already checked in, now I’ll take a little walk, breathe in fresh air, mentally tune in and go,” he explained before entering the courtroom.

Despite the fact that the process was closed, the journalists and the support group were allowed to announce the verdict.

It was impossible to understand what the teacher experienced at that moment when the judge said “nine and a half years in a maximum security colony”, the teacher’s face was hidden under a mask. And the former graduates and colleagues who were present at the announcement somehow immediately went down. Someone could not hold back tears.

– Do you understand the verdict and the procedure for appealing against it?

“Yes, your honor,” the convict answered calmly.

At that moment, three escorts entered the courtroom. Knowing the rules of staying in places of deprivation of liberty — the teacher spent three days in a pre-trial detention center while the investigation was under way — the teacher began to unfasten his belt in order to remove it, took money from his pockets, a cell phone and gave it to a relative. The guards locked handcuffs on his hands, and asked all those present to leave the courtroom.

It was impossible to understand what the teacher experienced at that moment when the judge said “nine and a half years in a maximum security colony”, the teacher’s face was hidden under a mask.Photo: Vasily Vakhrin

I closed and he pushed my hands away

– The criminal case was considered in closed court, so we can’t explain the details, you heard the verdict, the evidence that the prosecution presented to the court was enough to plead guilty to a particularly serious crime against the sexual integrity of a minor, therefore the sentence so big – said assistant to the prosecutor of the Ordzhonikidze district of Perm, Dmitry Shishkin. – And that slap, and the version that the defendant himself told everyone about, including in the media, is a way of protection.

As it became known to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” from a source familiar with the materials of the criminal case, one of the evidence presented in court was the correspondence of the seventh grader with his girlfriend in social networks. Late in the evening on the day of math retaking, the schoolgirl wrote to her close friend that she was at school, and the teacher took her to a separate office, put her at her desk, walked up behind and began to touch her bra.

“I sat at the table, he was at the back and was pawing me,” she wrote. – I tried to close my hands, and he pushed his hands and touched me by the chest.

Experts examined the girl for bruises and the only thing found on her body was a small scratch on her finger.

The accusation was also based on the words of the girl, her mother and friend. Investigators also found a video from school surveillance cameras, which shows how one of the schoolgirls told Valery Nikolaevich that she had passed the debt, and he leaned over and began to say in her ear that she was good. This was interpreted later as a kiss.

During the investigation, a forensic medical examination was carried out, the biological traces of the teacher on the things of the victim were not found. The teacher was also tested for a tendency to pedophilia, but the result was negative.


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