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“I will not participate in season 4 of Balthazar”

The 47-year-old actress announced at the end of last week that she would no longer be in the cast of the successful TF1 series alongside Tomer Sisley. Explanations.

Since the first season of Balthazar broadcast at the end of 2018 on TF1, Hélène de Fougerolles plays Hélène Bach, a police commander who works criminal alongside the forensic scientist Raphaël Balthazar, played by Tomer Sisley. “I was offered to play a nurse, but I would never be able to spend four months a year in a hospital”, explained the actress at the launch of the series. “And then I love the masculine side, having a gun, handcuffs, it gets the adrenaline pumping. In addition, there were real cops as extras, it gives even more power to the scenes. I learned to shoot, it’s quite pathetic, I closed my eyes, but it’s great to be able to experience all of that. ”

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What if the third season of Balthazar recorded historically high audience scores on TF1, with more than 7 million viewers on average watching the last episode, Hélène de Fougerolles announced that the rest of the series would take place without her. “Season 3 of Balthazar is over! It is also the end of a wonderful adventure for me, I will not participate in season 4 ”, she wrote last Friday on his Instagram account before explaining. “We couldn’t go on with this dog and cat story indefinitely, it would have bored you. Other stories, other professional and personal adventures for me too. “

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In an interview she gave us last August, Hélène de Fougerolles was delighted with her collaboration with the teams of Balthazar and his collaboration with Tomer Sisley. “We know each other better and better. We understood that, what posed a problem for us at the beginning, namely our difference in the way of working – I let things happen while he is ultra-prepared -, is in reality a chance, a beautiful complementarity ”, she told us about the latter. As for her plans, she was preparing to leave Paris to settle in the south of France where she had just purchased a house. “I wrote a book, which will be released in January, which tells me about me as a mother but also as my mother’s daughter”, she confided, also mentioning her other collaborations with TF1.

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