Ibrahim Maalouf with the Haïdouti Orkestar at Nuits de Fourvière


Trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf trained the Balkan fanfare Haïdouti Orkestar in a summer tour dedicated to the mix of origins. The musician explained his project in Lyon in the backstage of Nuits de Fourvière.

Accustomed to great collective projects, Ibrahim Maalouf adores above all embark other artists in his ideas (Angélique Kidjo for Queen of Shaba , Natacha Atlas and Myriad Roads Roads ….). But this time in Lyon, it is with the whole band of Haïdouti Orkestar that he disembarks before continuing his summer tour. A troupe he knows very well for 20 years. They regularly play together, especially for the soundtrack of Mohamed Hamidi's film "The Cow".

On the big stage of the ancient theater, after the first bursts of brass and in an explosive choreography of 20 musicians, Ibrahim Maalouf wants to introduce this group "Arabs, Serbs, Romanians, Catalans, Greeks, Kabyles and I forget them, but they are all French!".

In the boxes, shortly before the concert, he had told us the importance of this concept of mixing origins, at the heart of the evening and the vision of his profession: "I have never dissociated artistic creation from the art of human relationships, if you never mix cultures with one another, they die … That was the problem of classical music that was inspired by music. popular, world music.And then it came into the framework of conservatories and we said: we touch it more! It's like that and not otherwise! So we have developed in parallel a contemporary music much sought after, mathematical experimental, but unpopular. ".

Ibrahim Maalouf and the Haïdouti Orkestar
Ibrahim Maalouf and the Haïdouti Orkestar (Olivier Flandin / FTV)

While the interview continues, we hear in the corridors of the boxes, cries of children playing, with beautiful shiny and colorful shirts, big smiles on their lips. "The children, tonight there are more than 4,200 people in the audience, this is our record!" exclaims one of the escorts. This is a member of the association Intermèdes-Robinson who accompanies slum children and social hotels in the Paris region.

A little later, in a teeming whirlwind of dresses and colorful fabrics, these same kids will make a sensational entrance on the impressive scene of Fourvière, in front of complete arched steps. With the 20 musicians of the Haïdouti Orkestar, no less than 40 people meet in a moving ballet of invigorating energies.

The troupe of the association Intermède-Robinson on stage with Ibrahim Maalouf at Nuits de Fourvière
The troupe of the association Intermède-Robinson on stage with Ibrahim Maalouf at Nuits de Fourvière (Olivier Flandin / FTV)

IbrahimMaalouf, guardian of the party, leaps from one person to another, goes from a benevolent look to a gesture of conductor, sometimes knows how to be discreet, and pushes everyone in the direction of the party . "It's the most joyous tour I've done for a very long time" entrusted us the musician "it gives incredible fishing, crazy energy. It's super happy. "

But tonight the spirit of celebration also goes through singing, with Zeki Ayad "A Turk who sings in Arabic! In this group, there are even Serbs who sing in Turkish, it's nonsense!" Ibrahim Maalouf laughs.

He explained to us before the concert that this so-called Balkan fanfare is much richer than this simple label: "It brings together a lot of directories but in one color, you realize that everything is adaptable to this culture, nomadic music has something very strong, it's music to party, but at the same time it's very nostalgic. and melancholic, that's why I feel close to them, there's already a little bit of that in my work, it's exacerbated. "

The Haïdouti Orkestar in Lyon with Ibrahim Maalouf
The Haïdouti Orkestar in Lyon with Ibrahim Maalouf (Paul Bourdel)

An idea also carried by Kurdish singer Edika Gunduz, known for her fight for women's rights. She will succeed in getting the whole audience of the ancient theater to rise before a final rich in emotion.

As promised, the troupe of the association Intermède Robinson returns on stage. And from the first notes, we recognize Ederlezi, the title track of the film soundtrack The time of the gypsies signed Goran Bregovic. Chills.

We will also remember this crazy farandole that embeds more than 4000 people on the joyful indications of a master of ceremonies decided that everyone enjoys the party to the end. "It goes in the direction of what I want to do with my new album" he tells us again. Meaning being also the name of the disc: "I questioned myself at one point, telling myself, does my job make sense, what's the point, why I make albums, it's just because it defines my direction, my dream. for me, make sense when there is a real realization of my musical projects, especially on stage ".

Ibrahim Maalouf and the troop of the association Intermèdes Robinson
Ibrahim Maalouf and the troop of the association Intermèdes Robinson (Olivier Flandin / FTV)

While the first part of his next album has just been released, the musician already presents it tonight in a revisited version, with the powerful brass of the Haïdouti and the fiery participation of the public. This title Happy Face is a very joyful and engaging tone: "It's not representative of the tone of the whole album, but it gives an idea of ​​its direction, it's a rather festive record, to give the smile as much as possible and try to make people happy."

Another disc! Maybe some pouting. ..Car the hyper activity of the musician, with his many projects, his soundtrack of films, associated with his communicative talent sometimes blurs the image of the one that many consider before all (and thankfully) as one of the best French musicians: "I'm not a genius or a businessman, I'm just a musician who knows what he wants and works hard to make his dreams come true." That's just that. I invent a world with music but it stops there, but I had to become a little entrepreneur because nobody wanted my first record. "

We know since the road traveled and we will keep this generous evening the image of a great musician who knows how to fade to put in confidence and value those around … and who releases sutout with each trumpet an incredible life force and emotions.

Nuits de Fourvière posted complete for the concert of Ibrahim maalouf
Nuits de Fourvière posted complete for the concert of Ibrahim Maalouf (Olivier Flandin / FTV)

Dates of the second part of the summer tour of ibrahim Maalouf with the Haïdouti Orkestar:

Surgères Brass Festival, July 17th

Nice Jazz Festival, July 19th

Campo Santo Festival in perpignan, July 20th

Crozon World's End Festival, August 2nd.

Release of the album S3NS September 27, then tour on September 23 at the Olympia and the Zéniths of France.


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