Ice hockey professional Janik Möser is out for a long time

Dhe ice hockey club Grizzlys Wolfsburg leads to an inflammation of the heart muscle in his defender Janik Möser with a “high probability” of an infection with the Coronavirus back. “Apart from Corona, Janik couldn’t find anything that could have been the trigger,” said the team doctor Axel Gänsslen in an interview with the FAZ In my case, other professional and amateur athletes point out that they should not take a corona infection lightly, ”said Möser.

The 25-year-old who completed part of his training overseas at the Ohio State University completed, is currently not available to his team, which is one of eight clubs taking part in the preparatory tournament for the Magenta Cup. The season in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) starts on December 17th. The association and Möser announced that they made a specific decision to make the course of the disease public “in order to raise awareness of the issue. The player feels in top shape, but the tests say otherwise, ”said Wolfsburg manager Karl Fliegauf of the German press agency.

Corona not only attacks the lungs

“We want to make it known that this complication can occur. Corona sometimes not only attacks the lungs, myocarditis must also be considered in competitive athletes, ”said Gänsslen. Möser, who moved from Adler Mannheim to Lower Saxony in the summer, tested positive for Covid-19 in October and then went into a two-week quarantine. Before returning to training, the Wolfsburg-based company performed, among other things, an exercise ECG on the defensive man, which was coordinated with the specifications of the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the German Society for Sports Medicine, which produced significantly different values ​​than previous examinations.

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At Gänsslen’s mediation, Möser was examined by a specialist from the Berlin Charité who diagnosed the myocarditis. Möser is currently not allowed to take part in training, he must also assume that a large part of the winter will be canceled; Walking is currently one of his main occupations. According to Alex Gänsslen, the next inspection is planned for the beginning of January.

Minimize the risk

The Wolfsburg doctor has achieved that the so-called return-to-play program of the German Ice Hockey League is supplemented by a corona passage, which takes into account the incidental finding at Möser as a precedent. To this end, Gänsslen expanded the existing algorithm for assessing the infection with the latest findings: “It is important to minimize the risk. To do this, as many pieces of the mosaic as possible have to be put together. ”In the future, all teams should be able to benefit from this knowledge – including those from other sports.

Gänsslen explicitly mentioned the handball and basketball players with whom he was in contact, and contacts were made with colleagues who work in professional football and whose expertise is valued by the world association Fifa.


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