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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Three hockey players outside the Czech roster. Who is Pešán not counting on for the World Cup so far?

Czech hockey, Ondřej Kalát

Shortly before noon after training in Riga, Pesan did not want to reveal in an interview with journalists which names he planned to include in the roster, although he had to report them to the tournament directorate on Thursday, the day before the opening match against Russia.

“We have a plan, but we don’t play until Friday afternoon and until then anything can happen about the health of the players. So we will see if we will fulfill the current plan or we will have to change it, “Pešán replied when asked how many players he would write on the roster.

List of Czech hockey players at the World Championships in Riga:
30 Simon Hrubec 30.6.1991 186 cm/83 kg Omsk / KHL
31 Roman Will 22.5.1992 185/88 Chelyabinsk / KHL
3 Libor Hájek 4.2.1998 186/84 NY Rangers/NHL
6 David Musil 9.4.1993 192/92 Trinec
9 David Sklenička 8.9.1996 180/82 Jokers Helsinki / KHL
17 Filip Hronek 2.11.1997 182/75 Detroit/NHL
31 Lukáš Klok 7.6.1995 185/85 Lock Rauma / Fin.
60 Michal Moravčík 7.12.1994 194/96 Tappara Tampere / Fin.
74 Ondřej Vitásek 4.9.1990 190/92 Liberec
88 Libor Šulák 4.3.1994 189/86 Flies Oulu / Fin.
11 Filip Zadina 27.11.1999 184/86 Detroit/NHL
13 Jakub Vrána 28.2.1996 183/80 Detroit/NHL
14 Adam Musil 26.3.1997 191/92 Liberec
18 Dominik Kubalík 21.8.1995 187/86 Chicago/NHL
19 Jakub Flek 24.12.1992 172/74 Carlsbad
25 Radan lenc 30.7.1991 180/79 Liberec
43 Jan Kovář 20.3.1990 181/98 Train / Switzerland
44 Matěj Stránský 11.7.1993 191/93 Trinec
52 Michael Spacek 9.4.1997 180/85 Trinec
67 Jiří Smejkal 5.11.1996 189/83 Tappara Tampere / Fin.
69 Lukáš Radil 5.8.1990 191/91 Spartak Moskva / KHL
72 Filip Chytil 5.9.1999 184/81 NY Rangers/NHL
78 Robin Hanzl 10.1.1989 184/78 Spartak Moskva / KHL
79 Tomáš Zohorna 3.1.1988 185/95 Pardubice
92 Jiří Sekáč 10.6.1992 187/84 Omsk / KHL

Since the national team is waiting for the start of the championship with two matches in two days, it can be assumed that Friday’s line-up for the Russians may be slightly different from Saturday’s for the Swiss. This is probably why Pešán enrolled twenty-five hockey players at the beginning, which is a relatively high number.

Of the twenty-five registered players, there are ten of them who can experience the premiere at the world championship – goalkeeper Will, defenders Hájek, Klok and attackers Lenc, A. Musil, M. Špaček, M. Stránský, Flek, Smejkal and Zadina.

Hockey World Championship 2021

The World Hockey Championship is in progress from May 21 to June 6 in Latvia. All group matches and playoffs are hosted by Riga. The Czech national team plays in group A. Zlato from 2019 defends the selection of Finland, the Czechs will try to improve the fourth place.

There are still three free places left on the list. It is unlikely that some of them will be filled by reinforcements from the NHL, which with their teams will be eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs of the overseas competition. Although the coaches are still considering how to proceed in the case of defender Gudas, if his Florida quickly fell out with Tampa Bay.


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