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Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | USA – Sweden 3: 2 PP, EDITING: Americans celebrate my hero, Swedes already know defeat in Tampere

The Americans only started with five defenders, and their difficult situation did not add up when they collected in the middle of the third minute: Language found a great pass for Dahlin, who managed, even though he had a puck on a long stick. Gaudette was able to counterattack at the end of the fifth minute, but goalkeeper Ullmark was against.

In the eighth minute, however, the Americans survived, and it was Gaudette who fired just behind the circle and headed straight into the top corner of Ullmark’s goal. Bellows, Lafferty and Lang, on the other hand, did not change other opportunities, so the score remained balanced until the first break.

Jones made a mistake at the start of the second period, Friberg grabbed the puck and ran alone in Swayman, but the American goalkeeper was saved by a bat after the end behind the Swedish striker. Halfway through the time, it looked as if the Swedes would take the lead back after Grundström ended up with a nice forehand bluff. However, the U.S. national team substitute met the coach’s challenge, which revealed Grundström’s offside at the start of the action.

A moment later, he failed near in a power play that ended Asplund. On the contrary, 62 seconds before the end of the second act, the Americans took advantage of the numerical advantage thanks to Schmidt and took the lead.

In the third half, the Swedes pursued a balance, but the overseas team resisted without much difficulty. Bellows, on the other hand, did not far increase. The moment of the crisis came at the end of the 47th minute: Hughes wanted to play, but at that moment the hockey stick was broken in his hand, which he immediately threw away and aimed at the substitute. Grundström, who seized the puck, thus had a free path at the end and took full advantage of it. In the 54th minute, Kuhlman had a fabulous opportunity to put Kullman into another goal, but it went just wide.

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In the extra, Dahlin had a great chance, but he only rang the goal construction. Suddenly, on the other hand, Ullmark caught Farrell’s fantastic intervention. Wallmark was able to decide, but Swayman was against, Tynan seized the discs and finished the quick after his pass 11.4 seconds before the expiration of the five-minute Gaudette set.

World Ice Hockey Championships in Finland:
Group B (Tampere):
USA – Sweden 3: 2 in overtime (1: 1, 1: 0, 0: 1 – 1: 0)
Objectives and recordings: 8. Gaudette (Meyers, Peeke), 39. Schmidt (Gaudette, Tynan), 65. Gaudette (Tynan) – 3. Dahlin (O. Lang, Aman), 47. Grundström. Judges: Lawrence (CAN), Stano (SR) – Obwegeser (Switzerland), Van Oosten (CAN).
USA: Swayman – Seth Jones, Megna, Peeke, Schmidt, L. Hughes – Meyers, Gaudette, Farrell – Lettieri, Bordeleau, Galchenyuk – Kuhlman, Tynan, Bellows – Watson, Lafferty, Hayden. Coach: David Quinn.
Swedish: Ullmark – A. Larsson, Dahlin, E. Gustafsson, Ekman Larsson, M. Pettersson, Tömmernes – Bemström, Wallmark, J. Nordström – Grundström, Kellman, Asplund – C. Klingberg, Peterson, Bromé – Friberg, Aman, O Lang – A. Bengtsson. Coach: Johan Garpenlöv.

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