I’d rather run out of medicine than contract the virus in Insurance: 73-year-old Sotera

Durango. At 73 years of age, Doña Sotera continues to fight her illnesses from home, avoiding visits to the insurance company, given the high rates of contagion that the hospital has registered in recent months.

For fear of contracting the virus, Mrs. Salazar has decided to remain cloistered in her home, despite the fact that medicine, food and services have begun to charge her bills.

To make matters worse, both the kitchen and the master bedroom of Doña Sotera have begun to crack and detach from the ceiling, and not but thanks to her sewing apprenticeships and the help of her granddaughters who she hopes to carry out the works in the future repair before the cold season hits the entity.

Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart, respiratory, kidney and liver problems, have been the ailments that, in recent months, have tormented the Salazar family, given that their treatments and medicines have not been obtained due to lack of capital and due to the lack of attention on the part of the authorities to whom the aid was requested.


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