IDI Asks Parents to Complete Child Immunizations to Prevent Viruses at School – Secretary of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association’s Immunization Task Force, Prof. dr. Soedjatmiko Sp.A (K), advised parents to complete their children’s immunizations to avoid diseases that can be prevented by immunization. According to him, children who do not get immunization have poor immunity so they are susceptible to contracting diseases.

This appeal is in line with government policies that will implement face-to-face learning in July 2021.

“If you meet your friends at school face-to-face, if that friend has bacteria or the virus, it will easily be transmitted to children who are not immunized,” he said in a press statement, Saturday (1/5).

He explained that viruses that are very quickly transmitted include diphtheria, measles, rubella and polio. Therefore, he said, if the child was not immunized at school, he saidu immunization is incomplete, the risk of infection is higher than that of immunized children.

However, even though they have received immunizations, children still need to be reminded to always apply health protocols.

“Those who have been immunized can also be infected, but the impact is much less severe,” he said.

Added Acting Director of Health Surveillance and Quarantine of the Ministry of Health, dr. Prima Yosephin, said the Ministry of Health’s efforts to increase immunization coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic were by preparing technical instructions to strengthen immunization officers in the field.

“To increase public awareness, we have launched several materials for parents about immunization,” said Prima. (mdk/lia)

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