“If people refuse, are you going to put them in jail?”

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo believes that compulsory vaccination is a theoretical debate. “How are you going to do this in practice? Are you going to set up checkpoints on the street? And what, if people refuse to get vaccinated, are you going to put them in jail? ”, He declared in an interview with the newspaper Le Soir in its edition of Saturday. He also defends flexibility in wearing a mask.

“Not a fan” but …

The Prime Minister believes in “painstaking work” to convince. “In the meantime, in Belgium, the measures in force are less restrictive than in other countries, France, Germany? This is thanks to one thing: vaccination. We are in the European top 3. “In addition, Alexander De Croo also believes in the health pass in Brussels,“ even if I’m not a fan ”.

The next Concertation Committee will tackle, he said, the wearing of masks. Personally, the Prime Minister is in favor of easing the matter: “There are plenty of places, businesses, public places, where the mask is no longer really necessary. “


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