Ikea brings more color to Symfonisk speakers

You can soon give your Ikea Symfonisk speakers a fresher color. The new fronts are already available in the Netherlands and cost 8 or 10 euros.

In the spring In 2019, Ikea launched two multiroom speakers on the market in collaboration with Sonos. The two giants work together under the name Symfonisk and the result is impressive. The technology comes from Sonos, the rest is work for Ikea. Initially, both speakers were marketed in two colors; black and silver. Now extra colors are added.

Ikea Symphonic

In addition to the new colors of the Symfonisk speakers, the company has also lowered the price of its Tradfri gateway with us. The small hub today costs 29.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros. Would there be a new model on the way?

Back to Symfonisk, for the bookshelf speaker Ikea has released two new fronts. One in blue and one in red. For 8 euros you have a new front. You pay for the lamp speaker 10 euro for a new front and the colors are the same. The fronts are not yet available in Belgium, but you can already take a look at our Northern neighbors.

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