Ile-de-France: green revolution in high schools in the Paris region


Let it be said, the future is in the solar tiles. The president of the region Valérie Pécresse (Libres!) Inaugurated this Friday the first innovative educational workshop using solar tiles. This visit to the Simone-Weil vocational high school, in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, announces the beginnings of a new professional sector dedicated to green electricity. This decision is part of a global plan to be adopted in November, "a solar plan with an investment of 10 billion euros in the region by 2024," said the elected.

"15% of all world energy can be produced by roofs"

Concretely, photovoltaic tiles, manufactured in Châtellerault (Vienne), capture solar energy, like photovoltaic panels. "The energy then goes through a regulator, translated into voltage, it will then feed a battery, details Gabriel Van Ettinger, electrical teacher at Simone-Weil High School. What is incredible is that the light is enough to feed the tiles, we do not have to have the sun's rays hitting directly on the material. "

This apprenticeship will be born in Conflans with about twenty volunteer students. For the director of the Simone-Weil high school, this "added value" will enable students to acquire "greater employability in the job market". For Valérie Pécresse, "it will be the first educational workshop of its kind in France", "the only one in the world" outweighs Eric Scotto, president and co-founder of Akuo Energy, which supports the region in this project. "We created this tile more than ten years ago," says Eric Scotto. It is estimated that 15% of all world energy can be produced by roofing. "

"We decided to transform our high schools into eco-schools so that they produce their own energy"

The president of the regional council has not only announced the creation of a sector for the future, she is also committed to endow one hundred Lycées Ile-de-France in solar panels and tiles by 2024. "We decided to transform our high schools in eco-schools to produce their own energy, "says Valerie Pécresse. The stake is important, 560 high schools are managed by the regional council, so to the key, a significant financial saving.

"Accelerating the ecological transition for the Olympic Games" is the leitmotif of the Regional Council. "The idea is to provide the high schools but also the leisure bases and headquarters of the regional council in tiles and photovoltaic panels so that they are self-sufficient in terms of energy," says Valérie Pécresse. It must be said that the solar park installed in Ile-de-France reached 100 MW end 2018, or 0.1% of the electricity consumption of the entire region, while the potential identified is 6GW.

"We could put our solar power plants on wastelands where there are wild deposits, as in Carrières-sous-Poissy"

The regional council thus gives the go-ahead for the creation of a photovoltaic panel park in Ile-de-France. "We would like all the energy needs of the regional council to be covered by the photovoltaic panel park that we are going to create," said the elected representative. One could imagine putting our solar plants along the departmental and on wasteland where there are wild deposits, as in Carrières-sous-Poissy for example. "


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