Ile-de-France: this card will replace your metro tickets as of June 12

The cardboard subway ticket that demagnetizes is (soon) finished! Valérie Pécresse, LR president of the region and Ile-de-France Mobilités, took advantage of the Vivatech new technologies fair, this Friday, to announce two new decisive steps towards the replacement of the good old ticket, whose disappearance is scheduled to from 2021.

The Navigo Easy card arrives in June

This new ticket is intended for occasional users of the Île-de-France network, especially tourists. And it will arrive conveniently just before the summer. "It will be like an electronic wallet …" announced Valérie Pécresse. This contactless card can be bought for € 2. You can then credit one or more tickets, at the usual price (€ 1.90 ticket or € 14.90 the ten tickets).

The book of 10 cardboard tickets will no longer be sold by the summer of 2020.

Like the Oyster Card in London, this is a reusable, non-nominative card that you can charge as many times as you want. It will be enough for you to pass it on the violet terminals at the entrance of the stations, and the portico will open. IDFM estimates the number of potential customers at 5.8 million.

Tickets and pass Navigo on smartphone end of September

Another highly anticipated novelty will soon allow you to get rid of tickets, and even Navigo pass: the smartphone. A large number of them will indeed be able to replace the traditional tickets, from the end of September.

"No more waiting in front of the automaton at the station or station to recharge your Navigo pass or buy tickets," promises Valérie Pécresse. The purchase and validation of the ticket will be possible from all compatible mobile phones.

5 million eligible smartphones

The president of IDFM announced it to Vivatech with all the partners present (SNCF, RATP, Transdev, Orange, Samsung): the T + ticket and the Navigo pass on smartphone will be generalized and extended. For the last few months, only 3,500 testers have been able to purchase Navigo passes or metro tickets on their smartphones. An experience that satisfies 80% of testers, and that 88% plan to use permanently, according to IDFM.

Hence the decision to generalize it. Currently, the test is only available to subscribers Orange, holder of a smartphone equipped with Android, and equipped with NFC technology. At the end of September, many more customers will be eligible. Samsung has indeed announced this Friday that all owners of latest generation smartphone brand will be able to buy and use tickets Ile-de-France, regardless of their phone operator.

The T + ticket and Navigo ticket purchase service will even be included by default in the Samsung Pay solution for the affected phones (A5, A8, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 +, S9, S9 +, S10, Note 8 , Note 9). Currently 5 million smartphones eligible in France. It will be necessary to replace the 550 million metro tickets sold each year!

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