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ILoud MTM speaker in the test: sounds clear like crystal

A pair of iLoud MTM with measurement microphone
Image: manufacturer

No voice assistant, no streaming, no Bluetooth? Yes. But the speakers offer excellent sound – for an affordable price.

Dhe world of loudspeakers has become confusing. In the past, boxes stood on the floor, had three or four paths and were powered by powerful amplifiers. In the meantime you can often find smaller specimens draped on supports or standing on the shelf. Speakers that do not need an amplifier have also become established because the power amplifier is integrated into the housing and are therefore called active boxes.

Marco Dettweiler

The latest trend is chic mono boxes, which not only reinforce themselves, but also receive data from the Internet, i.e. stream and play music. Sonos has spread to Germany’s apartments, other manufacturers also want to go there. The smart variants from Google, Amazon, Apple and others can also listen and answer questions. Speakers from JBL or Ultimate Ears, for example, look like beverage cans covered with a network and have an integrated battery to carry the music to the meadow, the swimming pool or the next living room.


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