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I'm a celebrity: Emily Atack teases the "naughty mare" for makeup "drag queen"

Emily Atack's mother teased the campmates I'm at Celebrity for their "drag queen" makeup before going into the jungle, compared to their no-makeup appearance now.

Kate Robbins, an actress, also called her daughter a "cheeky mare" for confessing to Harry Redknapp that she had a soft spot for her football son, Jamie, secretly joking that she hoped to have a chance to get out of the jungle.

In an interview with Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid in Good Morning Britain, the Spitting Image performer stated that it was difficult for her to see her daughter jumping off a plane, claiming that her "chilling cries" the haunted, but overall, she is incredibly proud. how good his daughter did.

She said, "Honestly, I'm delighted that she got there, I'm so grateful that people like to be herself and I never thought of Emily, with the Glamorous roles that she played, that she would have such an impact on the nation and be the "zeitgeist" with a face covered with freckles and just be Emily, which for a mom is really charming.

Kate Robbins in conversation with GMB hosts

"When you see makeup images before they come in, they all look like drag queens, because you're so used to seeing them without makeup now!"

Speaking of the fact that Emily confesses that she loves Jamie Redknapp, the son of her campmate, Kate said: "I know she was so cheeky, was not she?

"What a little insolent mare who says: 'I'm joking, I would not marry Jamie … call me Jamie …

"I laughed a lot with Sandra about it – she's so wonderful and her [Harry’s] Molly's granddaughter – every family hears really well.

Kate joked about her daughter's look

"Well, we're in the same family now, I mean she's human, he's gorgeous, Jamie, and Harry …"

The most difficult thing for Kate, however, was to see her daughter face one of her worst fears: getting off the plane.

She added, "I told him:" As long as you will not have to jump from an airplane or anything … it was a bit shocking to me and also to hear her bloody cries while she was jumping was a bit awful.

"But I'm used to it now, I'm used to snakes, spiders and … I think she just needs to brush her hair a little bit."

Susanna Reid was delighted to learn that Emily is related to Paul McCartney. Kate jokingly said, "What we are saying in the family is that Paul does not boast of being our cousin – he did it thanks to his talent."

She is happy to have Jamie as a potential son-in-law

Emily is now in the back row in the jungle after Anne Hegerty left last night, after Rita Simons, Sair Khan, Malic Thompson Dwyer and Noel Edmonds.

I'm a celebrity is airing tonight at 9 pm on ITV.

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