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I'm a celebrity James McVey is the seventh campmate to leave the jungle

James McVey was the seventh celebrity to come out of the jungle I'm at Celebrity.

The comrades gathered to know who would be the next person to come out of the jungle, following Nick Knowles, Anne Hegerty, Rita Simons, Sair Khan, Malic Thompson Dwyer and Noel Edmonds.

And they were shocked and upset to see James forced to leave the camp. He then spoke to Holly Willoughby and Dec Donnelly about their stay in the camp after their departure.

He became very close to Harry Redknapp, and the pair had a fast pace

James told the hosts, "Harry lives where I grew up in Dorset, so I walked past his house thousands of times.

"It allowed me to talk about things from home and I felt as if someone really understood my way of life."

James is waiting for his destiny

James and Harry were the last two

James also targeted his campmates for "acting for the cameras" during a shock shot, which Dec and Holly had mentioned to him in his interview.

In a sneaky gesture, he covered his microphone to not be heard and said, "I do not like being mean, but there are a lot of actors, people playing, people singing for the camera and I'm just here like that, it's me, I do not want to brag.

"It gets a little frustrating sometimes."

Asked by the hosts, Holly and Dec, about his "actor" remarks, where he was covering the mic and preparing the jibe, he replied, "I do not know what you are looking at. Oh no. I loved it, but I arrived at a time in James' clock when I was tired and hungry. This is nothing personal but I am becoming very moody. It was just me moaning, a groan throughout the series. "

James missed a good meal for the first four days, relying on rice and beans to lose weight.

Addressing guests of Holy and Dec, James said, "I am so happy that this is the most difficult thing I have ever done and I am so happy to have done it.

"We are all transformed, the jungle diet has served us well, but I'm ready to have a pizza to be honest."

James talked about his classmates

James with Holly and Dec in the studio

James also revealed that he had become even more emotional during his stay at the camp, crying a lot more than he would have thought, and has seen himself "crush" constantly. .

But he said the winner "must be Harry" and that he believed that he would have a close friend alongside Nick, whom he called his "camp father figure".

He has now left Fleur East, Harry, Emily Atack and John Barrowman to fight for the final.

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