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I’m confused about the baby’s name, but I hope my daughter doesn’t look like me

The actress had a childhood and smells till in Plovdiv, she will give birth in October.

Detective cleaning – the profession of dreams for actress Sofia Bobcheva when she was a child. Unlike most girls, she never dreamed of becoming a princess when she grew up. He wanted something far simpler – cleaning.

“I remember an incident with my father – we walked on the yellow pavement and met his colleagues. I took a handkerchief and started cleaning the pavement because they were dirty. The woman asked me, ‘What are you doing?’ And I told her I would become a cleaner, “said the actress. But later he changed his mind – he dreamed of becoming a detective. She remained with this desire until the end of her adolescence, when she met theater.

He is met by his friend, who is part of a theater group. “He told me stories about the band and I said why not. My parents are not actors, I didn’t grow up in theater like many of my colleagues who are hereditary artists. He invited me, I went, I found him very interesting, then I was shy, but I saw that

on stage you can do things that I would be ashamed of in life

And little by little I became interested in theater and film art “, Bobcheva recalls.

Unlike his dream of cleaning and investigation, he remains to play. However, she still loves detective novels and interesting series for her, unlike Cleaning, which she is not a fan of. He loves Chinese mysteries, many of which he read at an early age.

And her favorite book is Children – “Witch” by Roald Dahl, who is also her favorite author for children. He has read most of his books, and recently watched the film, which, however, failed to impress him as much as the book. Her favorite movie is the classic – “The Godfather”, especially its first part, and the series – “Desperate Housewives”.

Pregnant with her first child, Sofia Bobcheva will have to leave the stage temporarily. He plans to do so by the end of June, which coincides with the end of the season, but he does not vow. It is certain, however, that

has already finished her role in “Games for Two”.

in which he is joined by Sasho Kadiev.

“I had to play more, but in the last broadcast I found it very difficult. So I decided that this will be my last participation so far and it is better for Stefani Ivaylo to come in, to replace me,” said Bobcheva.

The actress’ daughter is due out in late October. Bobcheva admits that if she could choose, her son would be Libra, not Scorpio. He explains: “I am a Gemini and a Libra ascendant with zodiac signs when they understand each other more than Scorpio. But what is written will be. “

The pregnancy news was a pleasant surprise for the couple and her family because of claims that after covid and vaccinations is easy. He even recently got the virus.

She has not yet chosen a name for the baby. He does not rule out the possibility of naming a family. “I just wonder. People say, ‘You’ll feel it,’ and I feel it one day, not the next. I’m very confused about what the name will be like, ‘” the future mother admitted.

It is precisely because of his indecision that he hopes the little one does not look like him. She wants to teach her kindness and educate her, as well as give her the freedom to make her own decisions, which are difficult for her.

He admits that

he is constantly influenced by the opinions of others, so he cannot choose a name for the child

“It simply came to my notice then. Especially during pregnancy, women should not be influenced at all, because there are many wise men, even if the pregnant mother does not want to. I choose – I do not listen to everything, because otherwise my head will explode, “explains the actress.

But about “24 hours” he promised:

“I’m going to try to fix this across the baby and I’m not wandering into what’s right and wrong.”

A happy childhood is another thing that Sofia Bobcheva hopes to look like with her daughter. He says that this is his best period so far and that he misses it so much. She spent her childhood peacefully and out with the children in parks and gardens, at parties with her parents and on exotic trips with her father. He went to places like Indonesia and Singapore,

exciting island where he embraces monkeys and looks tiger

They spent two weeks there, and now he wished he could go back there to rediscover them.

He spent the summers with his grandparents in Plovdiv. In fact, Plovdiv spring and the smell of linden trees is the center of his childhood.

His mother described him as a quiet, calm child who was not very white. However, there are some heroic wounds. Once in kindergarten, while playing with the boys with guns, he decided to follow the example of others and go down the railing of the stairs. “I’m still not the riding type, but then I decide,” he recalls. As a result, he fell and scratched his head. That’s when his father went to get him, which is rare because of his job. He says he is sick with blood, and then he finds his daughter with a red head. “My mother scolded him because he had lost consciousness before me in anxiety. They stuck to me, and then they scolded me – why am I skating, knowing that I can’t”, says Bobcheva.

Another time in a children’s camp, after playing the popular ball, he turned his knees.

It is necessary to plaster it only on the fourth day

from the camp two weeks, which is why he failed to join the dance floor of the children’s disco. “It was painful and disgusting. I was 10-11 years old – you were already interested in a camp, not just with you. I went to the disco at the camp and plastered the disaster and was very dumb,” he recalls. today.

And although he has already turned his back on children’s toys and injuries, his life is still exciting. There are always exciting events in her work – beautiful and not so beautiful.

“I was very happy when Yordanka Kuzmanova, who is a big star for me, came once and gave me a thought. She was half a page in Mikhail Chekhov’s book. (Russian actor who emigrated to the United States in the early 1930s, best known for his book on the actor’s technique (1945), in which he enriched Stanislavsky’s system.). He moved me to hell, and what is written is something like my faith. He said the audience was seen unconscious when watching an artist, regardless of the image he was building on stage. He sees people and only then the image, that is. we have to try to be good people, fix our human glamor and only then try for their role “, says the actress. She decided to hang the note in the dressing room so that others can see it and have a positive impact.

However, the effect is reversed and he receives a second note with a secret, harsh message. He wrote: “When did you sit down with Mikhail Chekhov” and other very nasty things, just the opposite of what was written. I was very upset, broke it, threw it away and immediately forgot it “, Bobcheva recalls. It was written by a colleague. From whom – do not know until today.

Recently, the actress has dedicated herself to organizing the Clock Alarm Art festival, with which she will travel across the country. Last month he was born in Pernik, and between June 13 and 21, together with Stefan Valdobrev, Signal Group, Burgas Puppet Theater and other artists, they will visit Sandanski. The event is free and

the goal is for visitors to wake up to culture

her birthday fell in the same week, June 14, so she spent it in Sandanski with some of the festival attendees. “I like to celebrate birthdays. We gather, drink and have fun. We were a few this year, but we had fun.” It was like a child’s birthday – with a cake, pastry and juice, “said Bobcheva.

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