«I’m not a big fan, but the first thing a ruler has to do is comply with the law»




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“The first thing a ruler has to do is comply with the law.” This was expressed yesterday about bullfighting the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes. It was his first public appearance before the Committee on Culture in the Congress of Deputies.

In response to the spokesperson of the popular group, which celebrated its attendance at bullfighting prizes of the Maestranza in Seville, and that of the Republican Group, Joan Margall, who spoke of subsidies and animal abuse, the minister spoke thus about bullfighting:

«Of course I went to the Maestranza awards. By the way, pbullfighting and university remios. Both. The prizes were awarded to the best records of the Sevillian universities of the different faculties and degrees. Which for me, who is a university professor, was a source of satisfaction. You know perfectly well that the first thing a ruler has to do is obey the law, beyond after the approaches he has ».

And he continued: «I I am not a big fan To the bulls. I’ve said it openly, I’ve never been. Yes to football, but not to bulls. The law says what it says, the law says they are in the intangible heritage, that are part of a Spanish tradition and therefore the legality must be fulfilled. You have to express respect too. He said Indalecio Prieto: “I am a socialist because of liberal.” Well, there is a part of liberalism That is also in my training. Therefore it seems to me that this must be respected.

Rodríguez Uribes buckled like this: «Now, notwithstanding that in another area we move forward –that is why mixing things sometimes brings bad results– in the best protection of animals. It is a requirement, a moral duty of civilization. I think we have to move there, I would not say about animal rights, but in that duty of ours towards them. The history of mankind has great conquests, human rights, the idea of ​​human dignity, but it is also true that in that exaltation of the human dignity We have made some mistake in relation to the environment and we have abused it. The time has come for us to put things in the right environment, in the right environment, and also respect the dignity of all living beings.


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