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“I’m not the type of guy to attack”

Certainly, sport can sometimes offer us some unexpected clashes. This recent spat between Lebron James and…Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

It was the Swede who also ignited the powder. In a Swedish media, he criticized Lebron James’ numerous speeches at the political level and his commitment, in particular, to defend certain societal causes (Black Lives Matter). According to him, a sportsman should act on the field and only on the field.

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“Jloves basketball and LeBron James is phenomenal at what he does. But I don’t like it when people with a certain status are in politics at the same time. Do what you’re good at. Stay in your domain. I play soccer because that’s where I’m the best. I don’t play politics. I would if I was a politician.

This is the first mistake a lot of people make when they get famous and achieve a certain status. Stay out of it all. Just do what you can do best, because it doesn’t look right ” a explained the whimsical Ibrahimovic.

Lebron James retaliates and attacks Zlatan head-on

A statement, 100% branded Zlatan, which obviously did not fall on deaf ears. On the sidelines of the game against the Blazers last night, James obviously reacted: “I’m never going to be silent about things that I don’t think are good. I preach for my people, and I preach for equality, systematic voting. I am pointing the finger at racism, social injustices, the suppression of the vote, the things that are happening in our community. Because I am part of this community and I see the things that are happening there and that continue to happen through the 300 children in my school going through the same things. They need a voice and I am their voice, ”explained LBJ.

And James put it back on, using a real-life example to denounce Zlatan’s comments. : “It’s funny that he said that because I remember that in 2018, it was the same guy who said that when he was in Sweden, he spoke about these same subjects. Because his last name was not common, and that he sometimes sensed racism when he was on the pitch. I speak with an educated mind. I’m not really the guy to attack because I do my research on my own. ” (source: Basketusa)

1-1 ball in the center?

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