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Imam’s Video Inaugurating Marriage Goes Viral, Bride Turns Out Her Ex-Girlfriend All

MANILA, KOMPAS.com – A priest in the Philippines went viral after a live stream of him officiating his ex-girlfriend’s wedding to another man.

Roniel Difficults is a popular YouTube personality and priest at Santo Nino de Lipa Parish in Batangas, Philippines.

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It’s hard to regularly live stream and vlog to his 140,000 Youtube subscribers.

But last week’s content was slightly different, because he broadcast himself officiating the wedding of his ex-girlfriend Maria Korina.

According to a report by ABS CBN News, It’s hard to explain the situation with a joke to guests, and explain that it wasn’t a coincidence.

According to him, it was his ex-girlfriend who suggested it, after telling him about his engagement. The couple agreed that it was a good idea for content on the priest’s platform.

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“I’ve married many couples, but today I’m sweating because of nervousness, Korina is my ex-girlfriend,” said Difficult clearly at the wedding ceremony. Newsweek.

“It’s a shame, we live on social media. But I’m not going to stop marriage, it only happens in movies.”

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When Difficult to explain how it happened, his sermon was met with laughter and applause.

“You may notice on the monitor that Korina is also nervous, not because of her marriage, but because of what I might say now. She is also nervous, will I show up,” he joked.

“Before today Korina texted me, when she and Manuel got engaged.”

“Now he’s getting nervous. He showed me his engagement ring via chat. He told me it would be great content for my vlog.”

Difficult and Korina met when they were young at church. Despite being separated, they are both happy with the life they are leading.

It’s also hard to wish Korina and her new husband, Manuel, a beautiful new life to move forward together.

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He continued: The past is the past, right, Korina? We have our own lives now, I am a priest and you are getting married.

“I asked if he was happy and he replied, very happy. He said God brought Manuel into his life.”

“I hope you have a happy and beautiful life together. They say that marriage is not between two people but between three, the third is not me, but God. God will be with you in your marriage.”

The original live streaming video has been removed from the Difficult Facebook page. The video is also no longer available on its Youtube page.

according to ABS CBN News, It was difficult and Korina decided to step away from the attention they received after the video went viral.

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