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Immediate withdrawal of students in hospitals, orders Faculty of Medicine

Unveiled the director of the School of Medicine that they will immediately withdraw the internal doctors in the hospitals “remembering that they they are still students of the FMyCB ”.

Hinojos added that he spoke for two hours with the rector of the UACH, Luis Fierro; and with the Secretary of Health of the State of Chihuahua, Jesús Enrique Grajeda.

The director adds that the measure “will hinder work in hospitals” where there are students who do their medical internship.

But he adds adds that both the rector of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua and the secretary Grajeda “understood that these students represent vulnerable staff, and concerned for their safety, that decision was made. ”

The director of the faculty asserts that “I assume responsibility for this decision and so I told the authorities yesterday.”

He hoped that “the situation is regularized and our students can return safely to their activities.”

The Faculty continues with meetings in the mornings in the Committee of the Mexican Council for the Accreditation of Medical Education (Comaem) in follow-up to the contingency at the national level.

Medical students boarding school.

Medical students in Mexico do an undergraduate internship in hospitals to do professional practices as part of their studies, as provided in the Regulations for it.

Describes the Government of Mexico that the internship of “is a period where the necessary clinical competences are developed through healthcare activity in second level hospitals and in first level units, the student should be the central axis of the educational process”.

“It is a stage that must be carried out prior to the social service, the professional examination and the degree,” adds the information.


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