Immigration to the United States: Donald Trump wants a model of "merit"


Donald Trump wants a new migration model for the United States. Far from the current system, skewed by "fanciful" asylum claims, the US president promised Thursday the birth of a model with more skilled workers, a model based on "merit". "Our plan will transform the US immigration system into pride for the nation and will be admired from around the world," said the US president in unveiling his plans for reforms at the White House, which is unlikely to be voted in Congress.

"The biggest change we're going to make is moving the proportion of highly skilled immigration from 12% to 57%, and we want to see if we can go higher," said Trump. "It will make us more competitive," he said. "We are committed to the open door we want to create for this country, but a lot of these immigrants have to come through merit and skills," he added.

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"Legitimate asylum seekers are being replaced by those who file fanciful requests," he said. The US president also said he wants English learning to be compulsory for migrants. Immigrants "will have to learn English and pass a civic education test before approval" of their application, he said.


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