Imminent political danger


The Cathedral of Valencia dates from the XIII Century, the affected part of the XVI. Perhaps only for that reason would it deserve respect, beyond beliefs and ideologies. Something that has stood up for so long should be kept in the best conditions. But that would be in normal situation and circumstances. The Cabildo of the Cathedral of Valencia after four years of not getting a response from the Ministry of Culture warned this week of the situation. Up to ten times in this period has been presented at the Ministry with reports and notices even from the University of Valencia. Four years is the distance between the football world cup, the Olympic Games or between elections if nobody gives up. Four years is the school year of the E.S.O, that is the time in which the Ministry of Culture has not responded to the request of the Cabildo.

Second issue that must be highlighted is that the Archdiocese has not claimed any amount or any help for the repair of the façade. At the moment, the maintenance and repair work will be paid in full by the Catholic Church, not a single euro from the valencian box will go to any building work What is the problem? That because it is the Cathedral of Valencia of a BIC, nothing can be done or played without the prior authorization of the Ministry of Culture.

So at this point you have to ask yourself the million dollar question. Why has the situation reached this point? Why the Department has not sent a single technician to the Cathedral until the issue has transcended the media? And a nuance. The great message of the technicians of the Conselleria de Vicent Marzá after four years, a World Cup, some Games, three Grand Slam of Nadal and the return of Tiger Woods in between is that there is no "imminent" risk of collapse, that is, that does not fall off tomorrow afternoon, a relief on the other hand. I want to think that responsibilities will be purged, and that from this "destarifo" someone will show their face. It would be sad to lose a façade of such historical and sentimental value due to sloppiness, but much more would it be that an accident of this nature took on some personal misfortune. Has anyone in the ConsellerIa thought about this?


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