Implants in the fight against impotence: how and why

Pills or surgery: what to choose. The story of a patient who dared to have an operation

Implants in the fight against impotence: how and why

Patients struggle with erectile dysfunction problem on a par with doctors and scientists. Read the story of one of them who decided to give up the tablets and dared to have an operation.

Pills or surgery: what to choose

Gordon Lawson suffers from prostate cancer, high blood pressure and kidney problems – it may seem that with such diagnoses he has a direct route to problems with sexual function (simply impotence). Has changed: in spite of all the illnesses above, Lawson remains sexually active like an eighteen-year-old boy. The reason for this isn’t a little blue pill.

He really tried to drink Viagra for several years. Pills sometimes helped him maintain an erection, but planned sex kills all the beauty of the moment.

“It was as if my wife and I had always tried to catch a train that went off at a certain time with a certain platform” – said Lawson. This is a very common complaint from people who use Viagra. According to recent research by British scientists, men over 50 who use PDE5 inhibitors (this includes Viagra, Cialis and Levitra) still have problems with sex, and the main problem is the lack of spontaneity in sex.

Lawson decided to find an alternative, he tried injections. But the problem remains: a few minutes before sex, he should make an injection into the penis to increase the blood pressure in the erectile tissue of the penis. This also reminded a little of spontaneous sex.

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Lawson tried all methods, but all was unsuccessful, and then he got the help of Dr. Bryan Steksner, director of the Institute for Men’s Health in Jersey. He offered an unusual way of solving the problem: the Penisimplantat (penisprothese) to use. “Although this method of treatment has been used since 1973, it was not 100 percent reliable,” says Steksner. So when in 1998 the first tested PDE-5 inhibitors appeared on the market, most men preferred to use them.

But since then, science has taken a giant step and implants have become popular again. Every year, according to Steksner, about 25,000 such operations are performed in the US. As a result, approx. 94% of the patients then say that they are completely satisfied with the result.

How is the operation performed?

Here’s how it works: a doctor inserts a small pump into the scrotum through a small incision, which is filled with sterile water from a reservoir, and this reservoir is placed behind the abdominal wall. When you squeeze the pump, two new containers installed in your penis will be filled with water. As a result, an erection occurs.

The entire implant operation takes 45 minutes, and in America most insurance companies cover the cost of its implementation. “The risk of infection as a result of such an operation is extremely low – about 5%,” – said Dr. Judd Moul, director of the Center for the Study of the Prostate at Duke University (USA).

We know what you’re thinking now, “Someone want to reveal my penis with a knife? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!”

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Lawson also doubted himself, but decided to try every means just to restore the joy of spontaneous sex to himself and his wife. “I’m a Marine Corps veteran, so there are few things in this life that can scare me,” Lawson jokes.

He planned everything specifically for his wife’s birthday, he wanted to be fully armed and surprise her. “It took about 6 weeks to fully recover, and the operation was a little painful,” Lawson says.

“The main thing is to focus on the ultimate goal – to get an erection when you want to. These thoughts helped to overcome all the symptoms. ”4 weeks after the operation, his doctor showed him how to deal with his new“ device ”- gently squeezing the pump in his scrotum. A short time later, Lawson and his wife were able to have sex when they wanted.

Before the operation, Lawson recalled that his dysfunction always leads him into a state of apathy and discouragement. “It creates your confidence, and not just in the bedroom – it applies to all areas of life.” But now everything has changed, in fact – it was even better. “Now I can’t stop after the first orgasm – says Lawson – I can try all positions in bed and my penis stays hard. As much time as you need. “

Still, my advice to you before you start with the implants, try any sexual enhancers that you are in Buy online pharmacy at cheap price can. But before buying these products one should consult with the doctor, he can recommend the right medication. I wish you good health and love

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