implants to delay surgery

A new technique, the UroLift system, consists of placing implants enclosing the lobes of the prostate to release the urethra.

By Paul Benkimoun and Philippe Da Silva Posted today at 17:00

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The benign hypertrophy (adenoma) of the prostate affects 40% of men in their fifties, and reaches 80% of septuagenarians. Increased volume, this gland located under the bladder compresses the urethra. Hence, difficulties in urinating and more frequent urination. Recommended when the quality of life is moderately impaired, medical treatment is not always well tolerated. Restricted to severe forms, surgery is burdened by possible side effects: ejaculation and erection disorders, incontinence. A new technique that French teams are starting to practice, the UroLift system, could postpone this deadline. It consists of placing, by local anesthetic, implants in the prostate, whose lobes are enclosed by the urethra, releasing the passage of urine. In 2017, the Haute Autorité de Santé considered that the expected service of this system justified its reimbursement by Social Security.

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