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Important and practical features that will appear in Google Maps


Google announced its intention to introduce several new features to its popular maps application to make it more useful to users.

According to Google, the upcoming updates to its Maps application will get new technologies based on artificial intelligence to make the application useful for car drivers, for these technologies, for example, will choose the fastest roads and lanes for the driver that will reduce the need for sudden braking, which will significantly reduce damage to the brake systems in the car and make driving Safer, and artificial intelligence will help the application of maps to choose the most comfortable road for the driver.

Among the other useful features that the Maps application will get are features that show the user the most crowded places in the city or the area in which he is wandering at the time of using the application, which will help him to shorten the time while on the move.

The application will also improve Live View features that enable the user to identify the area in which he roams through augmented reality technologies, and more details will be added to these technologies for streets, restaurants, museums, hotels and other places that the user may need, and more details will appear about the sidewalks and corridors designated for people with needs. Street special.

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Google indicated that its maps will become more suitable for lovers of tourism and travel, and thanks to artificial intelligence techniques, the maps will be able to recognize the time period of the day during use to show the user nearby restaurants to enjoy breakfast or dinner, for example, and the nearest tourist places will appear to him while he is touring in Countries of the world.

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