Impresiones Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, un spin-off musical – PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts is a saga that over the years has accustomed us, for better or for worse, to follow its convoluted history through all kinds of spin-offs. We have fought with cards, fought on the touch screens of our cell phones, explored digital newspapers, traveled through dreams, incarnated as the members of Organization XIII and enjoyed a fantastic prequel from three different points of view.

Now, after its third numbered installment and its downloadable expansion it is the turn of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, a new spin-off musical coming November 13 to PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Luckily, a demo will be released tomorrow that Vandal has already been able to test in advance, which has helped us to get a good idea of ​​what its game mechanics will be like and all the fun it promises to bring with it.

Swords and spells with a lot of rhythm

As pues, we are faced with a musical title that combines a multitude of elements of Kingdom Hearts with mechanics based entirely on rhythm. In this way, in each phase we will see Sora, Donald and Goofy (or the characters we choose) automatically advance to the front while enemies and obstacles appear that if we do not eliminate or avoid they will subtract part of our life bar.

Of course, to end them we must press the corresponding buttons at the right time, something that usually corresponds to the rhythm of the song that sounds and that has a bit more crumb than it might seem. For example, To carry out our main attack we have three different buttons and any of them will serve us to defeat the rivals that get in our way. Of course, if it is the case that two of them line up to attack us at the same time we will have to press two of those three buttons, while if the same happens with three opponents we will have to press them all.

This is the song list for the demo.

But be careful, since the thing does not end here, well We will also have a button to jump that will help us dodge certain attacks and reach those enemies that fly, another to trigger special spells and techniques when the indicator in question appears. In addition, if we keep the jump button pressed, we can plan and redirect our flight to collect the musical notes that appear. Add to it that there are certain enemies that endure several blows and that when hit, they recoil, and you will have a musical game in which you have to take a lot of things into account.

With this the feeling of fighting in a main game of the series has been replicated surprisingly well, since even the arrangement of the buttons corresponds to what is usual in it, something that we liked a lot and that gives it a lot of personality. Yes, it is a musical game in which, in the end, our task is to press buttons to the sound of the music, but its presentation is so different and unique that it ends up feeling like something fresh and new.

At the playable level it is at
At the playable level, it is a title with surprisingly solid mechanics and very addictive.

We are not going to deny that at first everything can be a bit chaotic, since there are many buttons that we will have to learn to combine (for example, it may be that we have to plan while the other two characters continue attacking at ground level) at the same time that we “read” the screen correctly, but once we have played a couple of practice games and we have assimilated his proposal, uncovered as a hilarious and unexpectedly addictive game.

In the demo there are only four songs that we can play, but all of them have perfectly measured rhythm and the appearance of the rivals coincides wonderfully with the notes that are sounding. In addition, they are very well adapted to the different levels of difficulty and in Expert, the maximum (at least in this trial version), they are incredibly satisfactory, with very demanding and fantastically choreographed moments that will make us replay them over and over again until we achieve the highest score.

Wave of Darkness I is the great challenge
Wave of Darkness I is the great challenge of this demo.

From the contents of the demo, the only topic that has really made us sweat in Expert is Wave of Darkness I, which has helped us to get an idea of ​​how some songs can be spent in the final version, with tons of rivals appearing at full speed to force us to perform all kinds of combinations of spells, jumps, attacks and glides.

We also have to comment that there is the possibility to vary the style of the game to make it easier (limiting its controls to a single button) or more complicated (adding special notes that require us to press buttons that are not normally used) and that the main menu brings with it a multitude of search filters and the possibility of creating our own playlists for so that we can more easily access our favorite topics.

The only part of this trial version that we haven’t been able to test is your local cooperative, since these days we have not been able to have the help of a second player, but as its name indicates, we will continue doing the same here, only synchronizing our blows with those of our friend to score points between both.

Being a musical game, its strength is not exactly its gr
Being a musical game, its strength is not exactly its graphics, although there is a great variety of backgrounds, settings and enemies taken from all the installments of the saga, including spin-offs.

Of course, beyond its fun and addictive playable mechanics, the greatest attraction of the game we have it in its overwhelming soundtrack. Not surprisingly, we are talking about a title that collects more than 140 topics of a saga that has always managed to make our hair stand on end through the extraordinary scores of Yoko Shimomura, something that, by itself, already justifies your purchase.

Of course, depending on c
Of course, depending on how we do it we will receive a score and a ranking at the end. If we miss many “notes”, we will lose our whole life and we will fail the level.

Unfortunately, The demo has not allowed us to test its Story Mode or discover its progression system, since in the final version we will be able to unlock characters and level them up, so we will have to wait for the analysis to be able to find out about everything it offers us and how attractive its different modes will be, its unlocking system and its narrative parts .

A very pleasant surprise

As you can see, how little we have been able to play Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory we liked it a lot, much more than we expected at first. Its mechanics work great, it is very replayable, it has its own personality within musical games, its soundtrack is of unquestionable quality and from what can be seen, it seems that it will arrive loaded with content. This first contact has left us with a lot of desire to put the glove on its final version, so if you like the rhythm titles and the music of this magical saga, you would do well not to lose track of it, since everything looks really good.

We have made these impressions thanks to an advance download code that Koch Media has provided us with its demo.


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