In 8 million for Dr. Argentero

Emotions, twists, an open ending and then “a magic word: empathy”. Luca Argentero, the ‘Doc’ of record fiction, Dr. Andrea Fanti who moved the audience with the monologue against death, that #nonoggi became a trending topic in the dramatic days of the second wave of the pandemic, enjoys the Auditel record of last episode, 8 and a half million viewers and almost 30% share, and gives an appointment to fans for next season: “It was a wonderful journey that I hope we will resume soon ..” I’m here “… you? “.

“It is a huge, unexpected joy”, underlines the actor, rehabilitated in fiction and acclaimed on social media, commenting on the ratings from the national football team. “I take this opportunity to thank Rai Fiction who wanted to try to raise the bar with respect to the classic offer of this genre, Lux Vide for the bet faced, the directors who were the first to throw their hearts over the obstacle : this courage, this desire to take risks, have been rewarded “. With the spectators, he explains, a “magic is triggered: it is difficult to find the formula, it is a spark that lights up and spreads unexpectedly and contagiously”. With an average “30% share of the sixteen episodes and over 8 million viewers, Doc – In your hands has become the most watched series in Italy since 2007”, Rai Fiction points out.

The results on the most valuable targets (29.3% on young people between 15 and 24 years), in particular women (35.7% on girls 15-24 years old, 27.5% on 25 to 34 years old), on the public with education higher (32.6%) and graduates (30.8%). Inspired by the true story of Dr. Pierdante Piccioni, who lost twelve years of memory after a car accident, Doc’s events united Italy: the series obtained an average of 35% in the South and in the Islands, of 33, 2% in the Center and over 26% in the North. And the medical produced by Lux Vide is already preparing to make a splash abroad, distributed from Spain to France from England to the United States. Numbers that allow Rai Fiction to start the second season, underlining that Doc “embodies the mission of Rai fiction, which is to be close to the public with a narrative anchored to contemporaneity and which gives value to listening”.

The producers, Matilde and Luca Bernabei, president and CEO of Lux Vide, are also enthusiastic: “We have managed, in such a difficult time for the country, to bring a message of hope into homes, gathering the whole family in front of the television, from the very young to less young people, and this in our opinion expresses the role of public service to the fullest. We also thank Pierdante Piccioni, the true Doc who inspired our series, and all the doctors and health workers who are fighting generously to save and heal human lives “. Success is also “a responsibility for the future: we must respect this result by offering something new that lives up to the affection shown by viewers, working today for what will come”, says Argentero, who hopes to return. on set “in the spring, when we hope to be all back to a pseudo-normalcy”.

While the spoilers on the second season keep the bench in the tam tam on social media, Matilde Gioli, doctor Giulia Giordano who in the last minutes of the last episode asked for a transfer to another hospital, unable to bear the still strong bond between Doc ( Luca Argentero) and ex-wife Agnese (Sara Lazzaro), leaves the door open to the future. “Will I stay?”, He writes on Facebook. “Thank you friends you have been an incredible audience. Thank you for the trust you have given to this project and for the affection you show us every day. Thanks to everyone who worked with me on Doc, I saw you every day giving the Massimo and the spectators noticed it, I embrace you one by one ”

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