In an official statement, the Olympic Games responds to banning Ahmed Mortada from attending the public

03:47 PM

Sunday 29 November 2020

Books – Ahmed Abdel Basset:

The Egyptian Olympic Committee responded to the inquiry of Amr Al-Ganaini, head of the five-year committee assigned to the management of the Egyptian Football Association, regarding the decision to prevent Ahmed Mortada Mansour from representing Zamalek Club in the general of Gabalaya.

The EGM of the Egyptian Football Association is currently being held to discuss and approve the statute, in accordance with FIFA’s request.

The legal quorum for the General Assembly was completed when the number of attendees exceeded 50% +1, out of the 96 clubs scheduled to attend.

The meeting witnessed, Ahmed Mortada Mansour was prevented from attending the general assembly due to the presence of “scraping” in the authorization form.

The Olympic Committee sent its response to the Football Association’s inquiry regarding the delegation of the Zamalek Club representative form to attend the Jabaliya public, confirming the validity of his non-presence.

In its official statement, the committee said that the form is not valid due to the “scraping” on it, and the delegate named on it is not allowed to attend the extraordinary general assembly.


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