in Bordeaux, posters revealing the end of the series stuck on streetcar stops


Several Internet users explained having learned the last twists of the saga by this way, before having had time to watch the final episode.

In an amphitheater, on Facebook or because of a bug: many fans of Game Of Thrones have already been spoiled an inadvertent rebound of the series (and told it to us). Monday, May 20, in Bordeaux, posters stuck on tram stations that "spoiled" the fans, told many of them on social networks, as spotted South West.

"… ascend the throne", "… stop …" : it was through these messages, which of course had not been anonymised, that users of the Bordeaux tramway were made aware of the main lessons of the final episode of the series, broadcast the night before in the United States: unless you have watched to watch it live, the fans had not had time to watch it.

On Twitter, the initiative provoked angry reactions: "There is more respect", "spoiler remains a crime"… The identity of the author (s) of these posters remains a mystery.

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