In CdMx, patients wait to be treated at covid hospitals

In the mayor’s office Benito Juarez, there is a clinic of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in which, a month ago, the rebound of infections bycovid-19. Patients carrying the new strain of coronavirus do not stop arriving.

It is the General Hospital of Zone 1-A, in Mexico City, a hospital where they are already long lines of double-parked cars common, the ambulances waiting to receive their patient and the crowds of people waiting for reports from their relative.

Patricia is the mother of a 35-year-old young man who became ill at work, for that reason for a week they have been in the double line of cars that park outside the hospital: “It’s terrifying, all this is out of control, since I have been here people do not stop arriving and when the beds are vacated it is because someone died ”.

For Patricia and her husband there was no New Year’s celebration, but hours of sleep while they waited for an update on their son’s health status.

“We arrived on Thursday, but this is totally out of control, all hospitals, that is, they come to a hospital they reject it, they come to another hospital they reject it, because there are no beds, this is out of control

“In New Year’s Eve we were here, almost with hypothermia in the feet to wait for a report from the doctors because obviously we cannot access,” said the mother while keeping in her bag the disinfectant with which she cleans everything she touches every time she enters and leaves of the hospital.

Patricia is not the only one who has witnessed the overflow of this IMSS clinic, within the group of more than 60 relatives waiting outside the covid hospital There is also Eduardo García Pineda, who since yesterday morning has seen a parade of ambulances with coronavirus carriers.

Five ambulances rushed inThey brought patients, but they were all dispatched very quickly because there is no room, they are told that if they want to wait, do so, but for that to happen, they can spend hours ”.

Eduardo is outside the emergency room, today he returned to the hospital very early to admit his wife: a plump woman who waits sitting with her oxygen tank for her to be treated.

“No, my wife is not the only one I have been bringing in for a few days. I arrived with my in-laws and my two brothers-in-law, there are already 5 relatives that I have bad with covid. I don’t even know how they got sick, I was working in Hidalgo and they told me that everyone was already here and the only one who was missing was my wife, “he said.

Inside things do not change, relatives of patients who improve and leave share that inside the panorama is just as bleak, as María del Rosario Ruiz said: “The treatment that is applied will be outpatient, I do it at home during her dialysis – couldn’t they have it here anymore? – it’s not that there’s a lot of covid, and she doesn’t want to stay anymore. Right now the whole room is full, well the space they set up for covid patients ”.

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During the first two days of 2021, hospital occupancy in Mexico City increased. This hospital appears for a month without availability of beds in the CdMx app, despite that, people do not stop arriving in search of a bed.



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