In confinement, take vitamin D: “It can protect against infections”

Is it positive for the immune system … against Covid-19?

It is the CHU of Liège, via professor Étienne Cavalier (clinical chemistry) and professor Michel Moutschen (infectious disease) which communicates it this Thursday: taking vitamin D could be beneficial in these times of confinement. Maybe even with regard to the Covid-19 …

“If there is no data to show that vitamin D may reduce or lessen the incidence of Covid-19 infection, take vitamin D daily (eg, 800 IU) , given the low risk presented, could prove beneficial “, explain the specialists. The benefit would be noted in particular for the other demonstrated effects of vitamin D on the skeleton and other functions of the body …

We know it indeed, vitamin D is synthesized naturally by exposure of the skin to solar UVB rays and without exposure to the sun, deficiencies can appear, especially if the confinement is prolonged … Indeed, if vitamin D is good known for its action on the bone system, it also has particularly interesting properties on the immune system … The respiratory tract is also concerned.

Furthermore… “A meta-analysis on individual data, the summit of evidence-based medicine, published in 2017 in the British Medical Journal has shown that vitamin D supplementation can protect against acute infections of the respiratory tract”, do we still specify at the CHU of Liège, “It is also well known that children with vitamin rickets (linked to a deep deficiency of vitamin D) suffer, in addition to bone effects, from severe respiratory infections. The mechanisms linking infection and vitamin D are well known and associate with both a stimulation of the innate immune system and a modulation of acquired immunity “.

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