In Czech football, the police intervene and investigate the influence. Detectives accused Berbra | Football

According to the server, the police have been accusing detectives Roman Berbr of the deputy chairman of detectives since mid-November. Lenka Bradov, High Representative of the Prague City Council, said that the case was an influenced outburst and 19 people were detained.

The information about the scope was also confirmed by the speech of the National Center against Organized Crime (NCOZ). As of this day, a criminalist has been conducting crimes against women in several cities in the Czech Republic, which are related to the Czech football environment, wrote Jaroslav Ibehej to the server, speaking in a form that deals with cases of corruption systems.


Eight NCOZ detectives worked in silence on football corruption. Today, two hundred police officers are intervening in the tern. However, it took almost two years to do so, the extent of the case was described by a two-sided source of the editorial board. According to her, the police raid will take place in Pilsen.

Berbr m turned off the phone. The police thus intervene in the barrels, according to information from the server, Michal Knk and Petr Klupk are among them. As for me, they go after Roman and decide. They were in Strahov and in Pilsen. I don’t know that it would concern any club, said a source from the football environment for

Cinkl with belts

The case is supervised by the High Council in Prague. His actor Lenka Bradov described how extensive the case was, with 20 accused and nineteen detainees in the case. At this time, however, we will not specify cities of intervention. Stle probhaj kony, ekla pro Bradov.

And she added that it was a clinking decision. I can generally say that this is a corrupt crime, which is related to the influence of football. Pat between n bribed and drink salary. Among the accused is a group that was supposed to corrupt corruption in favor of an organized criminal group, Bradov added.

According to the source of the server, the customs group influenced the waist in the 2nd and 3rd leagues for the salary. Thanks to covert wiretapping and surveillance of suspicious detectives, they found out that the main court always collected a payment for the affected return. It was one hundred thousand crowns for the return, added a two-sided source of the editorial office.

It seems like a seven-year-old case around the football innovator Roman Rogoz. In nm, Rogoz will offer Michal Klesl a salary of more than 50 thousand crowns for the clinking belt between Pbram and the Czech Budjovice. The case came out because the witness turned the trial in court and decided not to testify so that he would not be punished. The change was criticized by iKarel Poborsk, the Budweiser darkness, who then lost. He said that someone tried to influence one of his games. It could be a pokaen center or a foul.

First Rogoz, sports director of FC Slavoje Vyehrad, is among the accused. In the past, he had problems with the police and the courts due to a change, when he was packed as a manager of FK Pbram, the violation of the law was not proven before the courts. However, he is one of Roman Berbr’s close collaborators.

Profile Romana Berbra (66)

Date and place of birth: 23. herb 1954, Nany

Distance: stedokolsk

Functional career: long-term chairman of the Pilsen Regional Football Association, only the FAR Executive Board (since 2011), vice-chairman of the FAR (since 2013)

Family: with a former football decision and current functionary Dagmar Damková

Last: there used to be an international decision, now a controversial function, which is considered one of the most powerful people in Czech football; own several companies; in the 1970s he worked as a driver for the Pilsen traffic police, he was a member of the StB counterintelligence; after graduating from his career in 2000, he served as a delegate and only a panel of judges; his name has been changed in the past to several corrupt affairs, but he has never been punished; he gradually built up a great deal of influence, his opponents secret his mafinic practices; Berbr and Damková filed lawsuits against several critics, most of whom were rejected.

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