In Durango, right holders accuse IMSS doctor of keeping medicine at home

On Thursday morning, a group of beneficiaries held a demonstration outside Clinic No. 1 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), in which they denounced a doctor for being a harasser and keeping the institute’s medicines in his home.

With banners, citizens demanded regularization in the delivery of medicines. In some of these messages were read like: “stalking doctor”, “Why do you keep the medicines at the doctor’s house?” and “Regularize the delivery of medicines.”

Faced with this protest that occurred outside the General Hospital of Zone (HGZ) No. 1, the Representation Office in Durango, of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), through a statement announced that its priority is the care of all his heirs, so after a dialogue with the protesters where it was reported that the accusations made to a doctor occurred outside of working hours and the Social Security facilities, the legal instances to which they could go by right were left open .

Likewise, it was reported that the people who demonstrated did not have a record of any denied medicine, despite this, the telephone number 6181284356 was made available, of the Coordination of Attention and Orientation to the Rightholder to support users and their families before any request or management request.

The Mexican Institute of Social Security reaffirms its commitment to provide health services to the eligible population in a timely manner and to ensure their health.


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