In Frankfurt the muezzin calls for prayer

Frankfurt’s Abu Bakr Mosque
Image: Wolfgang Eilmes

The Muslim month of fasting Ramadan has begun. As a “small consolation”, the city of Frankfurt allows some mosque communities to call for prayer – because prayer and breaking the fast should not take place during the crisis.

WDuring Ramadan, some Frankfurt mosque congregations will replace their Friday sermons with a call to prayer. As integration director Sylvia Weber (SPD) said, the Muslims will not meet this year to pray and break the fast. The call to prayer should be “a little comfort”. Please ask “to meet a short muezzin call with the respect that freedom of religion can always claim in our democracy”. The reputation must nevertheless adhere to the applicable immission control laws.

Hanover, Duisburg, Osnabrück and several other cities had previously allowed Muslims in the Corona crisis to transmit the call to prayer “Adhan” publicly via external speakers.

The Islamic call to prayer “Adhan” is traditionally called in Arabic to call the community prayer by the muezzin and to pray on Friday. In large mosques it is called from the minaret, in small mosques from the door or from the side of the building. This is done through loudspeakers. The “adhan” is usually used to call the faithful to the place of prayer. A common prayer will not be possible in the crisis.


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