In Ireland, three ballots for the price of one

May 24? A busy day in Ireland. That day, the Irish are called to the polls in the context of the European elections. But not only because this election will coincide with two other major events in the country. On the same date, the Irish government holds a referendum to ease the divorce process and local elections will be held throughout the country.

Travel to Europe, what the EU really brings us

This does not overshadow the European elections. A total of 59 candidates will come to Brussels to sit. With Brexit as a backdrop, this suffrage is also an opportunity to revive the interest of the Irish for Europe. As a country bordering the United Kingdom, the question of the border between Ireland and Ireland is also at the heart of the debate.

Immigration is at the top of the Irish agenda

But Brexit also creates some uncertainty about the number of seats granted to Ireland in the European Parliament. Indeed, if the UK withdraws from the EU before the elections, Ireland will win two more seats. The country would thus go from eleven to thirteen seats. Beyond Brexit, other topics are also on the table. According to the Eurobarometer, immigration is at the top of the Irish agenda, followed by terrorism and climate change.

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