In Italy, the Democratic Party in doubt


"In the morning when I wake up, I can not believe that we have ministers again in government. " Livio, 30, shares his disbelief with some 30 activists in a section of the Democratic Party (PD) in central Rome. "I am especially happy to have cut the microphone to Matteo Salvini", goes on Augusto, in his fifties, leaning against the European flag decorating the cramped room near the Tiber.

The alliance government between the left-wing PD, and the 5-star Movement (M5S), an anti-system party in power for fifteen months with the Matteo Salvini League, was living its first days.

In Italy, Giuseppe Conte wants to turn the page Salvini

Who can trust the "demolisher"?

Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had maneuvered in the name of the PD for this strange team to set up. He has yet to give him a blow: Monday, September 16, he announced on his Facebook page that he left the PD to launch his movement, the center of the political spectrum, to fight Matteo Salvini on the ground. He embarks with him about thirty parliamentarians, out of the 164 that account the party, while promising its support to the government. But who can trust the one nicknamed " rottamatore " (Demolition)?

Before him, two other elected officials have resigned from the PD, to express their disagreement with this coalition they consider unnatural. "In politics, agreements can and must sometimes be made, with whom has different ideas, not with whom has opposite values. This is the case of the M5S (…), which was born to destroy representative democracy ", vilified MEP Carlo Calenda. Senator Matteo Richetti did not accept "In the name of anti-salvinism, we allied with who helped to double his scores ".

"We share ideas"

The other elected officials of the PD, to date, are block around the government. The militants – about 370,000 registered before the departure of Matteo Renzi, of which one does not know what bloodletting it will provoke -, are more shared. Fear of the risks of such an alliance is mingled with the excitement of being back in business, and the pride of having "Marginalized the extreme right" to self-persuasion, as with Rita, retired from the Bank of Italy: "We share ideas on the fight against tax evasion, the establishment of a minimum wage, the universal income. "

Pope worries about "insult strings" against politicians

The alliance with the M5S, which owes its 327 seats to its proximity to its constituents, highlights the PD's major flaw: its elitism. "The DP must go to the places, to the schools, support the causes in which he believes, make himself available to people", storm Maria Luisa, who threatens to tear his card if the party does not come out of his office.

500 young members launched, Saturday, September 14, a manifesto in this direction, calling for "Modernize" the party, which has lost half of its voters in ten years, while a third of those of the M5S come from its ranks. Ludovico, a 27-year-old activist, took his card last year. He hopes that the departure of Matteo Renzi will open a new era: "Dirigist, disruptive, he had become a weight for the party. I remain motivated to reform it, finally find an identity. "

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