In Italy, tribune Matteo Salvini softens his speech


Blue suit, white shirt, gray tie, neat beard, polite language. Thus Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, presented himself to a recent televised debate with Matteo Renzi, leader of the new formation "Italia viva" which supports, for the moment, the Conte government. This debate, between two opponents who are fighting for power, has mainly helped to recall that the League remains the 1st party from Italy.

Giuseppe Conte, the rising star in Italy

The movement of the former minister of the interior collects between 31% and 33% of voting intentions, against 3 to 4% for Italia Viva. The right-wing tribune will have the opportunity to show his muscles and count his supporters Saturday, October 19, at a party rally in Rome. This will be his big comeback on the political scene, after his party left the government in August, and the birth of a new coalition between the 5-Star Movement and the Democratic Party (PD).

400 coaches and 8 special trains

The former "captain" does not want to miss his show in the Saint-Jean-de-Latran square. The League, backed by the Fratelli d'Italia (post-Fascist) and Forza Italia (liberal right) parties, has also reserved, from the north to the south of the country, 400 buses and eight special trains to transport sympathizers to the capital. The aim is to consolidate its electorate and increase the chances of victory in the legislative elections, reviving the trio "Lega, Fratelli d'Italia, Forza Italia".

In Italy, Giuseppe Conte wants to turn the page Salvini

But he must learn from his mistakes. " By breaking with the 5 stars, he overvalued his ability to provoke early elections, to win them, recalls the political scientist Lorenzo Castellani. He was convinced that the distances between the MS5 and the Democratic Party were too great for them to govern together, under the leadership of Giuseppe Conte, a Vatican-endorsed figure, which is not a small detail. Italy. "

A more polished image

Still sketched like the "clown of Papeete", name of a beach of Emilia-Romagna where he posted himself this summer as a rough man, focused on the Mojitos, Matteo Salvini undertakes a work of metamorphosis. With the help of the "Beast", his formidable marketing team, he has already managed to convey a more polished image. "It is entering a post-sovereignist phase ", Says Francesco Giorgino, director of the Master in Political Communication at Luiss University in Rome. "He uses more conciliatory formulas and his tone is less provocative. He is the most followed by political leaders on Facebook(3.8 million fans). "

The rosary of Matteo Salvini provokes the anger of the Italian Church

In fact, the "anti-European" surprised a lot when he told the daily Il Foglio that "the euro is irreversibleAnd that today, "Italy outside the EU would not count anymore.According to Lorenzo Castellani, the shift to a less extreme right is effectively under way:"The League has the ambition to join the EPP. Matteo Salvini wants to dispel the specter of a fascist party and reassure the European partners of Italy."

The party of private entrepreneurs

But he is not abandoning his success story: immigration, security, lower taxes, traditional family. "Basically, his party represents people who work in the private sector. While the Democratic Party (PD) is voted mostly by intellectuals, officials and the MS5 attracts more precarious, unemployed."

It remains to be seen whether the League can really stand out as an alternative to the current government. "The October 27 elections in Umbria, will be a test for the M5S-PD alliance, in a stronghold of the left ", says Francesco Giorgino. According to this expert,the great challenge of the new executive is to be solid, united, in a country that is substantially weak and in search of strong men. "

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