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“In January we could have 250,000 coronavirus positives a day in Spain”

Salvador Peiro is preventive medicine specialist and public health. He believes that at this time it is a mistake that vaccinated people who have been close contacts of positives in Covid-19 do not have to quarantine. Take as an example the case of teachers or professionals who are in contact with a large number of people in their job development.

The ministry’s recommendation states that you should not hang out with other people but it does not explain what to do in certain labor cases. “The wrong signal is being given that the vaccinated cannot be contagious,” says the expert.

This doctor points out that we have so many serious cases and so many close contacts today that we will not be able to maintain a system that makes close contacts of essential contacts unable to work and we would move to a situation similar to that of health workers where close contacts They work but with constant controls. He insists that vaccines protect us from developing serious Covid but not from infecting us.

He assures that the toilets “we expect contagion figures like we have never seen before.” “Yesterday we had 50,000 new cases registered and in January there could be 250,000 infections per day. This is what we are seeing because of how it is working,” he says.

Cross out ‘theater measures’ to ask for the Covid passport or wear a mask on the street. The doctor ensures that with two doses of the vaccine protection against hospitalization is ensured. However, he points out that “what we are losing is protection against contagion.”

You can rewatch the interview with the specialist in preventive medicine Salvador Peiró andn Public Mirror through Atresplayer.

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