in Liège, the main screening centers completely saturated

For several days, requests have multiplied everywhere in coronavirus screening centers. And in the Liège region, these centers are reaching saturation point. With queues everywhere, and sometimes several hours of waiting.

This is particularly the case in CHR of the Citadel. A month ago, the Citadel screening center moved to the P + R car park in Liège (Vottem exit) in order to welcome more patients in complete safety. But in recent days, the influx of cars and pedestrians becomes difficult to manage: “The return from vacation, the return to school or even the reduction in teleworking can undoubtedly explain this, but in proportions which become humanly and logistically unmanageable”, commented in a press release by Doctor Jean-Marc Minon, head of department of Labo Cita.

In total, more than 1000 tests are carried out daily in the car park. As of tomorrow, six collection lines will also be open to absorb this flow (two lines for cars, or four vehicles managed at the same time, and one line for pedestrians, with two simultaneous withdrawals).

The police to make traffic flow at the Liège University Hospital

Saturation also at the screening center for CHU de Liège where the number of tests has doubled again since last week. The police also had to go there on Monday in order to streamline traffic around the hospital. Monday, 325 screenings were carried out. To meet the demand, the CHU has also decided to extend the opening of the drive until 5.30 pm Sandra Delcour, doctor in clinical biology is responsible for samples at the hospital of the CHU de Liège: “They are either patients returning from vacation – about a good sixty – otherwise, many patients with symptoms sent by their attending physician or who have had contact with someone positive. We also have young people and children with a minor symptom because the school wants a test. “

Same observation to the Montlégia clinic, where, in a week, we went from 500 tests to 1000 tests per day. To reduce queues, the clinic is also considering reinforcing the staff. And the parking entrances have been duplicated. The drive-in for the Covid tests which were carried out in the common underground car park has thus been moved to a separate outdoor car park.

The Valdor extends the time slot of its Valdrive

Given the significant increase in demand, from this Monday September 14, ISoSL, in collaboration with the CHR Citadelle, extends the time slot of its Valdrive – Covid-19 screening on the site of the Hôpital du Valdor, indicates the intermunicipal company in a press release.

In concrete terms, it will be possible for people with a request completed by an attending physician to come and carry out their PCR (except PCRs with a view to leaving on vacation, a non-priority category) on the site of the Hôpital du Valdor.

The drive is now open to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., the press release concludes.

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