In McLaren did not consider the candidacy of Vettel

Even before it became known about the transfer of Daniel Riccardo to McLaren, the German press assumed that Sebastian Vettel would continue his career in the British team. However, head Zack Brown said that McLaren did not consider the option of inviting Sebastian.

Zach Brown: “Of course, Sebastian is a terrific racer and four-time world champion. However, we were quite far from signing a contract with him, because we knew that we would work with Daniel or Carlos Sainz. We never really speculated on this topic, and when the latest news about Sebastian appeared, we had nothing to do with what was happening.

It is obvious to me that now in Ferrari is not the most healthy relationship between the riders and the leadership of the team. At the moment, they are not at all like a happy family. I look forward to an exciting race in their performance in 2020. “In Brazil last year, we saw fireworks between Ferrari racers as tensions increased, and I expect more this year.”

Speaking about the future prospects of Vettel, Brown said: “Everything depends on himself, but it does not seem that Mercedes or Red Bull has options for him. There is no place for him in McLaren and Ferrari, so the next best option is Renault.

And then the following question arises: will Sebastian want to move to a team that, most likely, will not win in 2021? This is a great team, which should add, but I do not think that Sebastian wants to start all over again. I think he, unfortunately, will leave Formula 1 “.

Zach Brown also said that the decision of Carlos Sainz to accept Ferrari’s offer did not come as a surprise to him: “When I started to delve into the essence of Formula 1, I realized that if it was worth the wait, it was just something completely unexpected. We had a certain hunch, so back in the offseason we started talking with Carlos about his future, about whether he wants to play for McLaren or for Ferrari.

We have a strong and open relationship with Carlos, his management and father. His decision was not a surprise for us, and that is why we were able to quickly announce a contract with Daniel, and Carlos was able to announce his. We worked together. I think that these changes would have happened without the coronavirus, since we started all the conversations before the pandemic.

Speaking about the contract with Riccardo, Brown noted that this was not the first attempt to sign a contract with the Australian: “A few years ago, we almost managed to get Daniel. We can say that we were his fans for several years. When he moved from Red Bull to Renault, we invited Carlos and Lando Norris, who did a fantastic job.

However, everything changed when it turned out that we did not have a contract with Carlos for the 2021st, and Daniel himself had opportunities. We will miss Carlos, but now we have a winner of the seven Grand Prix – we could not dream more. “


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