“In Mexico I am a legend, here the pela’o cu … sells smoke”

“When I lost against Antofagasta 6-3 when I was in O’Higgins, they killed me in all the media. And recently, a foreign coach on the same team gave him five and nobody said anything. Do you know who I am in Mexico? I am a legend, historical. Here I am the pela’o cu …, the chanta, he sells smoke, that is Marco Antonio Figueroa for Chile ”.

In dialogue with the program Socios del Desierto, the “Ghost” commented on his departure from Cobreloa and made his powerful releases.

“I left Cobreloa because things are not being done well and they are not working. It’s like in 1973, in dictatorship nothing works. Cobreloa is a great team, incredibly popular, but they have been burying it every year, “he added.

“I could go to Colo Colo if I wanted things to accelerate. I never wanted to harm Cobreloa, they had thrown me into a pandemic, but I always have a lot of affection and I would not do any of that, “he added.


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