In Milan, European nationalists join in their rejection of taxes, Islam and migrants


The high mass of the European extreme right wanted by Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian League, has suffered the shaking of the political scandal that affects the Austrian FPÖ.

By Lucie Soullier Posted today at 21:44, updated at 21:52

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Geert Wilders, Matteo Salvini, Le Pen Marine, Veselin Mareshki, Tomio Okamura in Milan, Italy, May 18, 2019.
Geert Wilders, Matteo Salvini, Le Pen Marine, Veselin Mareshki, Tomio Okamura in Milan, Italy, May 18, 2019. ALESSANDRO GAROFALO / REUTERS

"I would love to be able to do that in France! " On the Milanese Dome square, a young Marine Le Pen support has sparkling eyes in front of the show offered by his transalpine counterpart, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. Saturday, May 18, two steps from the majestic gallery Vittorio Emanuele II, three of La Scala, the League of Mr. Salvini has planted a gigantic scene to his glory. A panel in the same proportions swears "Italy first"another scream "Stop! " bankers and migrants. Two screens loop clips to honor the populist leader.

A week before the European elections, the extreme right-wing French and Italian groups found themselves in Milan, surrounded by ten other nationalist parties for a family photo that should have been just smiles. Because the duo Salvini-Le Pen is in shape in the polls, at the end of campaign. The Italian league is expected to rise in power in the European Parliament, with 26 MEPs credited, 20 more than currently. The RN could win at least five and reach the threshold of twenty elected. The Milan demonstration of strength of the weekend thus claimed to prove that the "Supergroup" so announced may well see the day, the day after May 26.

A hard blow from Vienna

It was not to mention a surprise from Vienna. On the morning of the great sovereignist meeting, Harald Vilimsky, the head of the FPÖ party – the party of the ruling coalition in Austria and historical ally of Marine Le Pen – canceled his visit because of political scandal. Vice-Chancellor FPÖ, Heinz-Christian Strache, was pushed a few hours later to resign after the publication of a more than compromising video about his ties with Russia. The images at the origin of the scandal also weaken its European allies since they highlight one of their major weaknesses: the Russophilia considered a little too marked of some of them, like the RN of Marine Le Pen and which For the moment, the populist alliance is refusing the Swedish and Polish refusals to associate with them.

"We will not speak until we have Mr. Strache's explanations", kicked in Le Pen's Marine touch during a morning press conference, before recalling that "Whatever the truth of these accusations, it does not disappear" the electorate of the FPÖ. The boss of the RN finally judged 'Strange' than "This video, which has two years of seniority, comes out today, just days before the election. " "Will that prevent the movement of peoples? No, " also swept his political advisor, Philippe Olivier. The blow is however hard in this day which was the political consecration of the nationalist wave in Europe.


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