In New York, another 299 people died from coronavirus | All About Coronavirus | Health

In the state of New York, the number of deaths from coronavirus over the past day amounted to 299 people, writes RIA Novosti.

“This number is still appallingly high, and it has not reached the level we would like to see,” said State Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The governor said that on April 30, 289 people died, on April 29 – 306 people, on April 28 – 330 people. On worst days, the number of people dying from the virus exceeded 700 per day.

He also said that the total number of hospitalized in New York is 10 150, the day before this figure was 10 991.

It was previously reported that the authorities in New York will block about 160 kilometers of roads so that pedestrians can walk along them, observing the necessary distance in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.


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