in Paris, the "good waves" of communists

Ian Brossat, head of the PCF list for the European elections, held a rally on Thursday night at the Japy Gymnasium.

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Ian Brossat, top of the list of the CPF in the European, in front of the CNews store in Boulogne-Billancourt, on April 8th.
Ian Brossat, top of the list of the CPF in the European, in front of the CNews store in Boulogne-Billancourt, on April 8th. MARTIN OFFICE / AFP

The Communists did not expect it. Finally, they found a candidate who makes them exist in the media! Finally we talk about the PCF, not to make fun, but to congratulate him!

The campaign of Ian Brossat – housing assistant of the socialist mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo -, gives hope to the party of the place of Colonel-Fabien. So think: an OpinionWay Tilder poll even credits its 4% list of voting intentions; more than a small point and they reach the threshold of 5% that would allow them to send elected representatives to the Strasbourg Parliament.

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Blow of young

Ten days before the vote, this poll may be a detail for the other formations, but for the communists, that means a lot. When Mr. Brossat embarked on the battle of the European elections, few people believed it. Then, the policy of 39 years has given a boost to a movement almost hundred years old: increased presence on social networks, sense of repartee in debates … So far Ian Brossat succeeds his campaign.

So, no question of sulking his pleasure to see his adversaries, once condescending, become jealous. "It's crazy, the media are all nice with Brossat", regrets a figure of La France insoumise (LFI). It is true that melenchonist training has no interest in seeing the PCF rise in power since it could well win votes. However, the result of May 26 is likely to be tight and each ballot counts in a ballot where the abstention promises to be strong.

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The meeting of Paris Brossat, Thursday, May 16 in the evening Gymnase Japy, vibrated with these "good waves". The room was full (the organizers claim 2,000 people) and several party figures had made the trip – including Pierre Laurent (former national secretary), Fabien Roussel (current leader), the MP for Seine-Saint-Denis Stéphane Peu, the senator of the same department Fabien Gay or the mayor of Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) Patrice Bessac, and Patrick Le Hyaric, director of Humanity and outgoing MEP.


The motto of the meeting was "Red is a new green" (is : "Red is the new green"): A nod to the American series Orange is the new black and a message to say that, yes, the PCF is also making its ecological transition.

"To make ecology is to break with capitalism. To make the ecological transition, let's get out of capitalism ", summarized Mr. Roussel again. And to throw in front of a hilarious room: "We are" green-coconut "and" biolechic "! "

Ian Brossat abounded: "To be authentically communist is to be deeply ecologist. (…) If we want to lead the fight for the climate, we must say that we can not do it with the logic of money-king that produces anything. We must break with the logic of the European treaties. It takes less austerity, a large energy plan for renovating buildings; strengthen public services and a moratorium on liberalization directives. " The candidate then defended the relocation of the economy and agriculture.

"PCF is back! "

Beyond this slight aggiornamento of the communist project, all the speakers insisted on the mobilization necessary to reach the 5% of the voices in the evening of May 26th. "If you do not vote, do not moan! (…) PCF is back!, still launched Fabien Roussel. Something is happening, there is a dynamic. This is not won so we must win each twenty votes in ten days. "

"These elections take place against the backdrop of Emmanuel Macron's policy. There is a government that hears nothing and understands nothing. We have a funny President of the Republic who spends his time insulting the French. We say that the problem of France is not that we do not work enough, it is that we do not earn enough! " a, meanwhile, hammered Ian Brossat.

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Then a few moments later, he starts again: "I see something happening around our campaign, a wonderful militant mobilization. When I see that, I tell myself that the score of our list can be the surprise of the election. Our strength is our heart, our disinterestedness. " Communists believe in it more than ever.

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