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In Rome it is only allowed to walk in Villa Borghese and without children

Inside the park, the areas that have gates are closed, but this park has different accesses, including those for the buses and cars, and that is why it is “allowed” to walk, but MAINTAINING THE MINIMUM METER OF DISTANCE

It is the first Saturday with the total blockade and there are many doubts

An officer of the Roma Capitale Police Corps was responding a few minutes ago in Villa Borghese (the park located in the northern part of the city) to the question of what it is forbidden to do on this first weekend with the government order of stay at home “This is the only one in the North of Rome where walking is allowed because it cannot be closed” and confirmed “walking in a group or family is not allowed, and if you go as a couple, you must keep your distance marked security. “

A person this morning went for a walk to the closest park to his house in Rome and the police stopped him making various specifications

Walking through the park, the Villa Borghese, which is practically deserted, I saw a person approach the police car, a resident in Rome for 6 years of Belgian origin, who accepted to interview him (you can see the video, has been lucky because he spoke spanish) “In Italy, the indications are that you cannot go outside, except to go to the pharmacy, shop or buy the newspaper” specified that he had read in the Gazetta dello Sport , that you could walk in the park, as long as you kept a meter away. Once he had read the information, he went to Villa Borghese, the park closest to his home and walking, two motor police officers approached him to indicate that he had to leave the park. There were also other people who played sports. The interviewee left the park but comments, “As I was a little doubtful, I asked another policeman and he confirmed that yes, that I could continue exercising in the park, that there was confusion early in the morning and that the Villa park Borghese is the only one that is open ” he claimed.

Bring the form with you to go to work

There has been so much information this week about what to do and what not to do, that many people have had doubts about how to act, but every day that passes in Italy, we are learning to pass this situation in the best way. Marc, who accepted to interview him in the park, when I told him it was for The Reason of Spain, where they have barely started with the restrictions, commented his experience this week when he went to work with Italy already totally blocked – “I have taken the form because some of my colleagues have been stopped by the police and asked where they are going and they have had to demonstrate that they were going to work and they filled out the form ”- confirmed

On whether you can walk with children in the parks or lie on the grass

The police told him that “you can walk with your partner, always a meter away from each other and only if you are really exercising” and stressed: “it’s not about laying on the grass ”

And about going out to the park as a family with children, the police informed him that it is not recommended, because the point is that the family nucleus does not meet in public areas “


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