In Slovakia, six ministers, BNN, are resigning following the decision to buy Sputnik V.

In Slovakia, the political crisis was triggered by the decision of Prime Minister Igor Matovič to purchase the Russian-made Covid-19 vaccine. Six ministers have resigned from the cabinet, but the death rate from a dangerous disease in the country is the third highest in the world, the British news portal reports. The Guardian.

Ministers Ivan Korčok and Branislav Gröhling from the right-wing party left the Slovak government on Wednesday, March 24 Freedom and solidaritywhich evaluates the vaccine Sputnik V is a hybrid weapon of war. As a result, the total number of ministers resigning in Slovakia in this regard has reached six, and political pressure on Matovic to resign has increased significantly.

Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová has also said that it is important for Matovič to resign. The head of government himself has expressed his readiness to resign, but has stated that he wants to continue working in the government in one of the leading ministerial positions.

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Matovich, in deciding for the state to buy the vaccine produced in Russia, reversed the opinion of the coalition partners. Slovakia has thus become the second country in the EU after Hungary to order the vaccine Sputnik V before the EU European Medicines Agency has completed its evaluation and issued an opinion on whether the medicine is safe and effective. Slovakia has received 200,000 doses of the vaccine but has not yet started injecting it into the population pending the results of local tests.

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Covid-19 has claimed 9,261 lives in Slovakia, which has a population of around 5.5 million. This indicates the world’s third highest mortality from complications caused by Covid-19, reports The Guardian and the World Health Organization.

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